Need a medication management solution that's smart?​

If you are taking injectable medication, you may be eligible to receive a complete injection care management system at no cost to you.


Why Smart Sharps Bin?

Smart Sharps Bin

The Smart Sharps Bin is personalized to patients’ medication schedules and helps manage everything from:


Injection reminders


Injection site rotation tracking

Sharps waste management directly from home using HB Mailback


Encouraging patients at every step

We introduce moments of encouragement into injection routines, providing simple, yet impactful visuals that helps patients feel good about sticking to their injection treatment.


Our patients get replacement sharps bins to their door

Our device monitors sharps bin capacity, ensuring patients get a replacement bin right when they need it.


Customized reporting keeping everything in one place

We capture injection data in a simple report for our patients, so that it can be printed or downloaded to bring to their clinician appointments.


Sustainable sharps waste, with less hassle.

Making environmentally friendly choices should be easy. Every HealthBeacon patient gets automatic access to our HB Mailback program, at no cost to you.


When a patient’s sharps bin is full, they use a prepaid USPS package to ship it safely back to us.


USPS delivers the used sharps container to our HB Green Labs facility for processing.


The sharps container goes through a thorough sterilization process, approved by the Florida Department of Health, so it can be reused again and again.


The injection waste from used sharps is broken down, cleaned and separated so it’s ready for recycling.

Ready to make the switch to sustainable sharps waste management?

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Hear from our users

See how Maggie manages her injectable medication and sharps waste.

“Everything changed when I found the Smart Sharps Bin. My adherence increased dramatically and remains high as I have continued using my Smart Sharps Bin to help manage my medication for nearly a year.”

Call now to secure an FDA-cleared Smart Sharps Bin.