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The Beginning of the HealthBeacon Story

"I have to credit spending 10 years helping patients with chronic medical conditions with the idea of creating a smart sharps bin. I was originally trying to figure out a way to manage waste disposal and costs and fumbled my way to an idea that can fundamentally change the pharmaceutical industry.

Despite the remarkable advancements in medications, patients were still struggling to take their medication on time and often felt isolated. I had met (co-founder) Kieran Daly a few years previously when he was CEO of Shimmer and asked him to take a look at the technology aspects of what I wanted to do. We knew that any IoT device we built would need to fit into the patient’s life in a discreet, low friction and elegant kind of way. Then we asked the same tool to be able to get data back to the clinician in a way that made it easy for the carers to understand the data.​

After going a few rounds as mad scientists, we found a practical solution that helped patients take their medications on schedule. We could see the data impact immediately as we increased a patient’s probability that they would remain on treatment and by remaining on treatment we could drive better outcomes.​

Now that we had an impactful product it was time to build a company around it.

We are building a team and a brand that can truly make a difference in patient’s lives, so with that in mind, we sought out members from around the world to bring in a sense of fun while being both highly focused and resilient. Joining a start-up is not for the faint of heart, but it costs nothing to smile and bring positive energy to both wins and setbacks, and our team embraces their roles with dedication and inspiration. I am inspired by seeing the opportunities that come with a “product and service” that needs to exist, then realising our team was best placed to build and deliver it. We have the expertise, the energy, the focus and the insight.

As the CEO, I see the need our patients have for technology to help them practically deal with their condition. Our success will allow us to digitally connect tens of thousands of patients suffering from chronic diseases globally. These connections will not only help these patients stay on track with their treatment, but also fuel further innovations and improvements in their care. Our goal is to revolutionise digital therapeutics, with a connected medicine platform while supporting treatment, service and delivery for patients."

- Jim Joyce, CEO & Co-founder