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* Note: Please contact your medical professional with any questions regarding your medication.


What is the HealthBeacon Smart Sharps Bin and the ICMS?

The HealthBeacon Smart Sharps Bin is a smart device that helps you stay on time and on track with your injection therapy by sending injection reminders and  tracking your medication adherence. The FDA-cleared Smart Sharps Bin is the smart way to manage sharps waste disposal, right from your home.  The device is a part of our Injection Care Management System (ICMS) that comprises the different elements that support our service delivery, such as: 


  • Our Care Team that may reach out to intervene if they spot missed injection drops, disconnected devices or any other issues that might impact your ability to stay on track with your medication schedule. Interventions vary from program to program. 
  • The smart software technology that underpins our whole system, letting our Care Team know when, and how to intervene. 
  • The HB Mailback Kit that allows you to seamlessly manage your sharps waste from home. Currently HB Mailback is available to patients in the US, Ireland and Germany. 
  • Our HB Companion App is also available to patients on certain programs.  The app hosts personalised data and reporting that conveniently keeps injection history data together in one place. 
How do I get started?

At HealthBeacon we are working hard to make sure patients have numerous channels through which they can access our adherence technology. Here are some ways our services can currently be accessed: 


  • Our ICMS is available via specific patient support programs we deliver in partnership with our pharma and specialty pharmacy clients. To check if you are eligible for any of these programs, please contact our Care Team here: 



  • Finally, for Medicare and Medicaid patients, we have partnered with specific clinics in the US to reach more patients that are eligible for partial or full coverage of our ICMS using Remote Therapeutic Monitoring (RTM) codes. If you are a Medicare or Medicaid patient and think you might be eligible, contact us today.  
How do I contact the HealthBeacon team?

Have questions that need answering? Our Care Team are available to help with any questions you have regarding your device. Please note that our team are not medical professionals. If you have any concerns regarding your condition or treatment, please contact your clinician.  


For U.S. Residents:  


Tech Support: 

24/7 Support Available 


Phone: +18573025453 


Enrollment Support:  

Mon- Friday 8am –11pm EST. Saturday 8am – 5pm EST.  

Phone: +18573025453 



For E.U. Residents: 


Tech Support: 

24/7 Support Available 



Enrollment Support: 

Monday-Friday 8am – 8pm GMT: 



Phone Numbers:  

Ireland: +35314604494 

United Kingdom: +448000608242  

Belgium: +3225888300 

Luxembourg: +35280080978 

Netherlands: +31208087035 

Israel: +97237219678 

Italy: +390694804569 

Portugal:  +351308807987 




If you have a medical emergency, please call the relevant emergency support line for your country, some are listed below: 


All of Europe: 112 

United States: 911 

United Kingdom: 999 

What are the dimensions of the HealthBeacon Smart Sharps Bin?

Smart Sharps Bin weighs 4.4 lbs. (1.98 kg). It measures 7 in. (178 mm) tall by 9.5 in. (241 mm) wide by 9.25 in. (235 mm) deep. 

Which medication is suitable for use with the HealthBeacon Smart Sharps Bin?

The HealthBeacon Smart Sharps Bin is suitable for most injectable medication that is self-administered at home. If you would like to check if your injectable device fits in the Smart Sharps Bin, the dimensions of the deposit tray for your used injector are 170 mm x 36 mm OR 6.7 inches x 1.4 inches.  If you have any questions, contact our Care Team directly.  

How do I return my HealthBeacon Smart Sharps Bin when I’m finished using it?

When you have finished using your device, please contact our Care Team directly. They will organize a free collection of the unit for you.  

What should I do if I'm travelling or away from home at the time of my injection?

If your program includes the HB Companion App, you can log the details of your injections that are not deposited into the HB Smart Sharps Bin directly on your app. 

If your program does not include the HB Companion App, simply note the date and time of your injection and then call your Care Team with these details to have your records manually updated. 

How can I update my treatment schedule and reminders?

If your program includes the HB Companion App, you can update your reminders and site locations directly in the “My Injection Schedule” section. 

If your program does not include the HB Companion App, you can contact our Care Team to update your profile, schedule and personalized reminders.  

What should I do if I have to move my HealthBeacon Smart Sharps Bin?

If you need to move your HealthBeacon Smart Sharps Bin, you can do so without your data and treatment schedule being affected. Once you plug the unit back in, the device will automatically reconnect to the network, and everything will pick up where it left off. When you’re finding a new home for your device, there are a few things to keep in mind:  


  1. Ensure the new location has good cell/mobile reception. 
  1. Ensure the new location isn’t affected by any water or dampness (for example a bathroom), this impacts the device performance. 
  1. Ensure the new location is somewhere you’ll see the device, so you’ll continue to benefit from your visual reminders. 
How do I replace the inner sharps container in my HealthBeacon Smart Sharps Bin?

The HealthBeacon Smart Sharps Bin will alert you when the inner sharps bin is “Almost Full”. When this message appears, HealthBeacon will arrange for the delivery of a new bin from our Care Team – via email, phone or through the HB Companion App, if applicable.  

To replace the inner sharps container: 


  1. Open the side door by pressing on it and then slide out the full bin from inside.
  2. Close the top sliding door until it locks into place. This full sharps container is now ready for disposal.
  3. Slide the new bin into the HealthBeacon Smart Sharps Bin, ensuring that the door on the top lid is open and positioned on the same side (the front of the HealthBeacon unit) as the chamber that you drop your pen or syringe into.

Note: If the screen continues to display “Bin Full” despite having a new replacement sharps container, contact our Care Team so that they can activate the new bin remotely. 

How do I dispose of my used injection waste?

If you are based in the US or Ireland, you will have access to our HB Mailback service. This means, when your bin is displaying the “Almost Full’’ alert, you’ll automatically receive a Mailback kit in the mail.   


For patients in this US, this kit includes: 

  • A replacement inner sharps container. 
  • A prepaid USPS MailBack box for your used sharps. 
  • Instructions on how to pack up and ship your used sharps. 


For patients in Ireland, this kit includes: 

  • A replacement inner sharps container. 
  • A prepaid An Post MailBack box for your used sharps.  
  • Instructions on how to pack up and ship your used sharps.  


Once you’ve packed up your used sharps, your postal service provider will then collect it from your home and ship it back to our HB Green Labs facility where our innovative waste management. solution sustainably recycles and reuses your injection waste.  


If you live outside of the US or Ireland do not return the full inner sharps container in the mail. 

Please follow your local guidelines to safely dispose of your full inner sharps container or contact our Care Team. 

Check out our video here to learn more about our HB Green Labs facility.  


Can the HealthBeacon Smart Sharps Bin be turned off between doses?

To ensure you get the most out of your HealthBeacon Smart Sharps Bin and experience no interruptions to your adherence monitoring, we strongly recommend you leave your device plugged in continuously.  The HealthBeacon Smart Sharps Bin tracks the timing for your next injection and the blue light reminders on the device are a key aspect of the digital reminder system that keeps you on time and on track with your medications. If the device is unplugged, our Care Team may call to ensure your device is properly working.  


If you have concerns about fire safety or energy consumption, rest assured. The HB unit is a low power device and has been designed to be continuously plugged in. The unit has been independently tested and assessed and has reached every standard necessary to be sold in the EU and US market. 


Can I dispose of other medical waste in my HealthBeacon Smart Sharps Bin?

We recommend that you only use the HB Smart Sharps Bin to dispose of the specific medication enrolled in your Injection Care Management System (ICMS). Your device is tied to a specific medication and medication schedule. If your HealthBeacon Smart Sharps Bin detects an unknown medication drop, our Care Team will be alerted and will likely check-in with you. The power of the HB Smart Sharps Bin starts with the data collected when you make a drop into the device. This drop updates your reminders, injection history logs and your adherence scores. To get the most out of the system and ensure we can support your injection journey properly, we strongly urge you to only dispose of items the system is expecting. 

What happens when I press the snooze button on the HealthBeacon Smart Sharps Bin?

When the snooze button is pressed the blue light (which appears on the morning the injection is scheduled) will switch off for one hour. Pressing the snooze button also toggles to the second screen where you can see your injection site reminder feature. 

What is adherence?

Medication adherence means the extent to which you take your medication as prescribed by your healthcare provider. Adhering to your treatment plan is essential for helping you get the most out of your prescribed medication. However, many people who are prescribed injectable medication have a difficult time staying on track. That’s why we invented the HealthBeacon Smart Sharps Bin. 

What is an on-time score, and why is it important?

Your On-Time Score measures how often you take your medication as scheduled, motivating you to stay on track with your treatments. The On-Time Score calculates the percentage of injections that you took on time compared to the total scheduled drops during the set time period.  On the day your injection is due, your score will decrease until you’ve taken that day’s injection. “No Drop” means that no injection was recorded for one of your scheduled injections. If this information is incorrect, please contact the Care Team to update your records. 

How do I record an injection?

There are three ways to confirm that you took a scheduled injection: 

1.     Simply dispose of your used needle/pen/injector in the Smart Sharps Bin, and the drop will automatically be recorded. 

2.     You can report a drop to the Care Team by contacting them directly. 

3.     Use the “Record an Injection” feature in the app. 

What do I do if I miss an injection?

If you miss a scheduled injection, contact your healthcare provider for guidance. 

Product Manual Download

In compliance with the U.S. Federal Communications Commission (FCC) guidelines, we have made our product’s user manuals accessible on this platform. These comprehensive guides not only provide valuable information about our products, but they also demonstrate our commitment to regulatory compliance and customer support.

Please download the manual here or contact our customer service team for more information. 

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