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* Note: Please contact your medical professional with any questions regarding your medication.


How do I get Started?

The HealthBeacon Injection Care Management System is provided via specific patient support programs.
To find out if you are eligible to participate in a programa, please contact the HealthBeacon Care Team at:
Getting Started With HealthBeacon >
Introducción a HealthBeacon >

How do I contact the HealthBeacon Care Team?

Please contact the HealthBeacon Care Team with any questions or issues related to your
HealthBeacon Smart Sharps Bin System.

For U.S. Residents:

Phone: +1.857.496.1834
Monday – Friday: 8am – 8pm EST

Outside the U.S.:

Phone: +353.1.450.8480
Monday- Friday: 8am – 5pm GMT
For any questions regarding your health or medication please call your health care provider directly.

Can the HealthBeacon Smart Sharps Bin be switched off between doses?

We strongly recommend that you leave the HealthBeacon Smart Sharps Bin plugged in continuously. The HB Smart Sharps Bin system tracks the timing for your next injection and the light indicators on the unit are an important aspect of the digital reminder system to assist you in staying on track with your medications. If the unit is unplugged, your Care Team may call to ensure that the system is properly working.

What should I do if I’m traveling or away from home at the time of my next injection?

If you are travelling or will be away from home for your next injection and cannot use the HealthBeacon
Smart Sharps Bin, simply note the date and time of your injection and then call your Care Team with these
details to have your records manually updated.
If your program includes the HB Companion App, you can log the details of your injections that are not
deposited into the HB Smart Sharps Bin directly on your app.

How can I update my treatment schedule and reminders?

If your healthcare professional has changed your treatment protocol, simply contact
your Care Team to update your profile and schedule.
In addition, the Care Team can update your personalized reminders or, if your programme includes the HB
Companion App, you can update your reminders and site locations directly
in the “My Injection Schedule” section.

What should I do if I have to move my HealthBeacon Smart Sharps Bin?

Your HealthBeacon Smart Sharps Bin can be unplugged and moved without any worry about losing your data. When determining a new location for your HB Smart Sharps Bin, first ensure that the new location has good cell reception. Then simply unplug your unit and place it in the new location. Once you plug the unit back in, the HealthBeacon Smart Sharps Bin will automatically reconnect to the network.

How do I replace the inner sharps container?

The HealthBeacon Smart Sharps Bin System will alert you when the inner sharps bin is “Almost Full”. When this message appears, HealthBeacon will arrange for the delivery of a new bin from our Care Team – via email, phone or through the HB Companion App, if applicable.


To replace the inner sharps container:


1.       Open the side door by pressing on it and then slide out the full bin from inside.

2.        Close the top sliding door until it locks into place. This full sharps container is now ready for disposal.

3.       Slide the new bin into the HealthBeacon Smart Sharps Bin, ensuring that the door on the top lid is open and positioned on the same side (the front of the HealthBeacon unit) as the chamber that you drop your pen or syringe into.

Note: If the screen continues to display “Bin Full” despite having a new replacement sharps container, contact your Care Team so that they can activate the new bin remotely.

Where do I dispose of the inner sharps container when it is full?

If you live in the United States or Ireland, place your full, locked inner sharps container in your Mailback kit provided. Your postal service provider will then collect it from your home.


If you live outside of the US or Ireland do not return the full inner sharps container in the mail.

Please follow your local guidelines to safely dispose of your full inner sharps container or contact our Care Team.

Which medication is suitable for use in the HealthBeacon?

The HealthBeacon is suitable for any injectable medication that is self-administered in your home.
To see if you qualify for the HealthBeacon program, please contact the HealthBeacon Care Team.

Can I dispose of other medical waste in my HealthBeacon Smart Sharps Bin?

We recommend that you only use the HB Smart Sharps Bin to dispose of the specific medication enrolled in
the HealthBeacon Injection Care Management System. The power of the HB Smart Sharps Bin system starts
with the data collected when you make a drop into the HB unit. This drop updates your reminders,
injection history logs and your adherence scores.

What happens when I push the HealthBeacon Smart Sharps Bin ‘snooze’ button?

When the snooze button is pressed the blue light (which appears on the morning the injection is scheduled)
will switch off for one hour. Pressing the snooze button also toggles to the second screen where you can
see your injection site reminder feature.

Product Manual Downlaod

In compliance with the U.S. Federal Communications Commission (FCC) guidelines, we have made our product’s user manuals accessible on this platform. These comprehensive guides not only provide valuable information about our products, but they also demonstrate our commitment to regulatory compliance and customer support.

Please download the manual here or contact our customer service team for more information. 

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