Evidence suggests that patients sometimes fail to associate  non-adherence with their medicine and disease progression. Smart connected devices have demonstrated an ability to improve adherence by as much as 27%. (Partners Centre for Connected Health 2010). 



At HealthBeacon we understand medication adherence is essential to maintenance of good health. Supporting patients effectively adhere to treatment can positively impact clinical outcomes.



Our technology supports patients with a discrete, secure, smart, sharps bin. We help patients manage their real world compliance as well as the safe disposal of sharps.



HealthBeacon can support  patients to track and manage their home injection routine. HealthBeacon provides for safe needle disposal and appropriate clinical waste management.


Patient Centric

HealthBeacon empowers the Patient to be at the centre of their care team. This leads to an increased sense of engagement as well as seamlesslesly integrating with the wider healthcare team to improve outcomes.



Seamlessly integrating with the Patients lifestyle and wider care team the HealthBeacon offers personalised 360 degree support in increasing adherence.


Introducing the HealthBeacon

Leading Pipeline, Technology expertise, Theraputic focus.


HealthBeacon is designed with simplicity and usability in mind while being aesthetically appropriate to the home environment.



HealthBeacon is a connected device that supports patients to achieve greater medication adherence at home by reducing complexity.


For Patients

Patients can access unique digital and home based support to get them started on therapy optimally and help them improve overall compliance levels.


For Pharma

HealthBeacon provides an evidence based approach to support patients through their journey of care.



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