HealthBeacon is a medication adherence technology company. We develop smart tools for managing medication. The HealthBeacon is a smart sharps bin for patients who self-inject medications at home. It is digitally connected and programmed with your personal medication schedule, and uses customized reminders to help you start and stay on track with your medication. The HealthBeacon was designed using customer feedback and with patient empowerment being our top priority, which has led to 96% of patients accepting the HealthBeacon as part of their treatment.

  • 96% patient acceptance


Modern life makes it hard to establish and maintain routines. Clinical studies have demonstrated that only 50-70% of patients adhere properly to prescribed drug therapy. Smart connected devices have demonstrated an ability to improve adherence by as much as 27%. (Partners Centre for Connected Health 2010). 

  • Smart devices improving adherence by 27%


HealthBeacon provides an evidence based approach to support patients through their journey of care. Having personalised support which can demonstrate actual adherence is helpful in allowing people to make decisions in real time to improve their own contributions to the management of their condition.





Personal Adherence Score (PAS) is constantly displayed to keep the patient involved in their own care.

Connectivity between the device and data that can drive clinical insights to improve patient outcomes.

Elegant and simple design, fits into home.

Customised dashboards with patient impact statistics.

Demonstrated improvements in patient compliance using the HealthBeacon.


One of the most difficult challenges for patients on self-injecting medications is adhering to their schedule of injection. We automate the process for adhering to medications so patients no longer need to remember sometimes complicated schedules. We believe this provides the HealthBeacon user with greater peace of mind.

Medical compliance is taking your medications as prescribed, on-time, and safely. Patients who use self-injected medications at home, for the treatment of long-term conditions are particularly at risk for poor compliance. It is for these patients that the HealthBeacon was designed to support.

We believe that supporting patients on their journey through therapy can contribute to better patient outcomes. We support more personalised care and this reduces clinic visits that take time away from the patient’s life and family. We believe the areas of non-adherence (not taking medication) and non-compliance (not following the prescription schedule) can be significantly improved with a customised patient platform.






Poor treatment adherence is a major cost to all stakeholders in healthcare, leading to wasted resources. Evidence suggests that patients, on average, comply with their medicine schedules only 50-70% of the time. The pharmaceutical market for patients who self-administer medicines by injections is estimated to be over €40b and Research and Development costs in the pharmaceutical industry are escalating rapidly. Pharma needs to find a new way to prove value of new medicines.

We estimate there are two million patients using biologic home injections in the developed world today. Our evidence demonstrates HealthBeacon can positively impact adherence in such patients. Our digital platform connects patients to care for better health delivery.

HealthBeacon displays injection data to patients and can provide powerful clinical insights to patients and doctors providing targeted interventions to improve treatment and clinical outcomes.

With the increasing adoption of Value Based Pricing by reimbursement authorities, demonstrating patient compliance to therapy is one of the great opportunities for Pharma to address Value Based Care and lower clinical costs per patient.

The convergence of data and devices enables real world evidence to be transmitted seamlessly between healthcare systems and clinician offices. This is shifting personalised healthcare toward precision medicine and digital therapeutics. The internet of things (IoT) and the connectivity it provides, is accelerating the adoption and scaling of these platforms.


As healthcare grows increasingly digital, the pharmacological treatments are mirroring that trend. The increased ability to digitally measure, monitor, and refine the therapeutic data is revolutionising the development and marketing of major drugs. Expanding on the growth of Electronic Medical Records and mobile applications, the future market will be centred around connecting the medications and data to the patient’s own outcome. The innovators in global pharma will recognize the successful SaaS model in the information we are providing. We are already see the exponential growth by pharma adoption of digital therapeutic platforms that combine data, devices, and drugs of clinical relevance.


The self-injectable market for home administered medications is extremely large – almost 16% of total annual drug spend. It is also the fastest growing component of the medicines market. These important injectable medicines classified as biologics are among the most expensive medications on the market. Many patients may be required to inject these medicines for several years to treat long-term conditions as outlined above.






50% - 70% of patients comply with their medicine schedules

  • 70% of patients
  • 50% of patients

80% - 90% compliance when medicines are connected

  • 80% of patients
  • 90% of patients


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