Why Invest

We are a leading digital therapeutics company with a patent protected product and access to a $10bn annual market with a recurring revenue model. Currently, 1 in 2 patients will fail to adhere to their injectable medications within the first 12 months of initiating treatment. In response to this we:

  • Developed and patented the world’s first FDA cleared and NHSx approved Smart Sharps Bin
  • Published peer reviewed evidence that demonstrates Smart Sharps Bin patients are up to 26% more likely to adhere and 19% more likely to persist to their medication routine
  • Work with the largest Pharma companies and health systems who have adopted our technology including: Novartis, Teva, Sanofi

Unique Product Family

The Smart Sharps Bin forms part of an integrated system of products which together with our Companion App, Mail-back and Data analytics software form our Injection Care Management System.

The System provides core components to its clients and patients including:

  • Real-time prescription monitoring
  • Engagement and education through the Companion App
  • AI driven data analytics tools available to the healthcare professional
  • Safe and sustainable recycling of sharps bins

The $10bn Opportunity

We have a large addressable global digital health market valued at c.$10bn annually with an addressable population of c.30 million people on subcutaneous self-injections in the North America & Europe and industry growth supported by positive macro and adoption trends:

  • Rising Geriatric Population
  • Medication non-adherence impact costs to global healthcare systems
  • Growth in Telehealth in the US
  • Increased demand for personalised healthcare solutions
  • Sustainable thinking and solutions

Well Established Routes to Market

HealthBeacon has seen significant take-up by many of the leading global pharma companies and health systems, with the number of customers rising from two at the end of 2019 to 23 currently.

We access patients through three distinct channels:

  • Patient Support Programmes – global pharma and speciality pharmacy companies offer the HealthBeacon to self-injecting patients as part of their patient support programmes
  • Direct to Consumer – launched with Hamilton Beach, the largest distributor of small household appliances to the US which sees HealthBeacon listed on Amazon and with the largest US retailers
  • Reimbursed Digital Therapeutic – national health systems including the NHS and Medicare reimburse HealthBeacon through their reimbursement programmes, together with health insurance companies in Europe and the US


Our vision is to become the world’s leading digital therapeutic platform for injectable medication. We plan to leverage HealthBeacon’s validated and proprietary patented protected technology, global macro adoption trends, commercial partnerships and experienced management team to reach the near-term goal of 100,000 units with patients, representing 10x growth from 2021, with much bigger ambitions beyond 100,000 units.