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Remote Therapeutic Monitoring with HealthBeacon

A new way to monitor medication adherence, providing easy ways for clinics to deliver quality care that’s affordable and reimbursable. Once you have signed up for the HealthBeacon RTM Program, all you need to do is enroll all eligible patients in the program, and we`ll do the rest.

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up to 26%



What is RTM?

Patients on injectable medications in the home setting, are particularly vulnerable to medication non-adherence.

In January 2022, CMS introduced a new set of CPT reimbursement codes to cover Remote Therapeutic Monitoring (RTM) of patients outside of clinical settings. These codes can be adopted to help provide dedicated technology, monitoring and support that assists in home therapeutic monitoring (medication adherence) of patients taking injectable medication. The codes are broken down as follows:

Per National Average

CPT Code 98975

Initial Set Up and Patient Education


CPT Code 98976/98977

Supply of Device – Monthly


CPT Code 98980

Monitoring Treatment/ Management First
20 minutes in one calendar month


CPT Code 98981

Monitoring Treatment/ Management –
Each Additional 20 minutes in one calendar month


With the introduction of RTM, there is finally a pathway for reimbursement for clinicians that play a key role in training, supporting and monitoring this cohort of patients throughout their treatment.

How does it work?

 Once you have signed up for the HealthBeacon RTM Program, all you need to do is enroll all eligible patients in the program, and we`ll take it from there.

HealthBeacon will onboard the patient and ship them their personalized unit. Medico.CX will manage all follow-up monitoring and billing, ensuring an easy, hassle-free continued service for you and your patients. 

How to get started:

Access your starter pack:

Your starter pack includes everything you need to know about RTM and how RTM can benefit your patients and clinic. You’ll also get access to all the contract documentation you need to work with us. Register your interest today and our team will be in touch with everything you need for a seamless onboarding. 

Easy sign via Docusign:

Once you are ready to get started, you can easily access your contract and Business Associate Agreement via Docusign provided by our team in your starter pack. If you are experiencing any issues, you can contact the team here for assistance.

Go Live: You`re all set!

Our experienced implementation team will take over from here, making your go-live process as seamless as possible.

What is HealthBeacon Injection Care Management System?

Clinical Efficacy

Peer-reviewed studies demonstrate that patients using the HealthBeacon Injection Care Management System (ICMS) were more likely to adhere to prescribed treatments:

  • Improvements in medication adherence of up to 26% across certain therapeutic areas.
  • 19% more patients on therapy at the end of 12 months.

(Point 1) Sarhan S, McWhinney S, Shah A, Kelly L. Abstracts of the 25th Annual Meeting of ESPACOMP, the International Society for Medication Adherence, 08–19 November 2021. The HealthBeacon Injection Care Management System shows Improved adherence to Gastrological, Dermatological and Rheumatological Treatments. Int J Clin Pharm 44, 276–299 (2022).

(Point 2) Sarhan S, McWhinney S, Kelly L. National Association of Specialty Pharmacy (NASP). 2021. Abstracts from the Ninth Annual National Association of Specialty Pharmacy (NASP) Annual Meeting & Expo. HealthBeacon ICMS: 19% More Patients on Therapy at Month 12. Journal of Drug Assessment, 10sup1, 3-66 DOI: 10.1080/21556660.2021.1967594  

Data + Action = Impact

Our Smart technology provides real-time data enabling our Care Team to conduct targeted and timely interventions, keeping patients on time and on track with their treatment schedule.

Seamless Implementation

Our team has been leading implementations of our technology for over 10 years. We’ll ensure everything from contracting right through to onboarding your patients is seamless.

Frequently Asked Questions

HealthBeacon RTM is a beneficial option for any practice delivering healthcare for those on at-home injectable medication. HealthBeacon RTM provides clinicians with actionable data on their patients’ medication adherence to help enable informed care decisions and open conversations with patients.

Once you have your patients enrolled and referred to the HealthBeacon RTM Program, we’ll take over the rest.  HealthBeacon manages the logistics of setting up and shipping your patients devices directly to them in their home.  Medico.CX will maintain all ongoing patient monitoring and billing so there’s no extra admin for your clinic to manage.