On Time. On Track. Peace Of Mind. 

HealthBeacon Injection Care Management System
keeps you on track with your medication schedule.

Personalized Smart RemindersHealthBeacon phone icon -Personalized Smart Reminders

On the day of your scheduled injection, your HealthBeacon Smart Sharps device will illuminate to keep you on track. You will also receive customized text Reminders.

Safe & Discreet StorageHealthBeacon box - Safe & Discreet Storage

Our FDA approved sharps disposal bin safely stores your used injectables within the discreetly designed HealthBeacon device.

Logs your HistoryHealthBeacon - PAS and Logs

Your Personal Adherence Score (PAS) calculates your injection adherence and your injection history is recorded if you wish to share it with your clinicians.

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Patient Direct Program Leaflet

HealthBeacon is a Smart Sharps System that supports people who self-administer injectable medications at home. It provides an easy, discreet, and safe way to manage your medication and dispose of your used injections.

Patient insights are valuable to us. In order to create a superior experience, HealthBeacon is continuously improving our products and services and we’d like to hear from you. We invite you to participate in our complimentary Patient Direct Program to utilize our smart sharps system and share your feedback.

As a participant in this program you will receive the HealthBeacon Smart Sharps bin to manage your medical waste, reminders and notifications, as well as access to our Customer Care team. 



REMINDS you when it is time to take your injection.

TRACKS your progress and creates a log which you can use in discussions with your physician.

SAFELY STORES used sharps.

CUSTOMER CARE SUPPORTS YOU when you have questions about your HealthBeacon.

How It Works?

“We have seen great patient engagement with the HealthBeacon tool in Ireland. It has been instrumental in aiding us in identifying patients that need assistance and helping drive adherence to their medication.”

-Professor Trevor Duffy, Rheumatologist

Dr. Trevor Duffy, Rheumatologist

“HealthBeacon has changed the conversation with my doctor.  I am sure to take my medication on time and tell the doctor.”

-Wife & Mother, takes weekly injections

HealthBeacon User

“The HealthBeacon has had a profound impact on how patients manage their treatment. I know with confidence as to whether my patients are adhering to their treatment strategy.”

-Professor Douglas Veale, Rheumatologist


Dr. Douglas Veale, Rheumatologist

“Patients consistently tell us how much they appreciate the text message reminders, which helps them stay more adherent to their medication… the HealthBeacon empowers patients to take ownership of their medication.”

-Support Nurse

Emma, Support Nurse

“The HealthBeacon system and support has helped me to stay on track with my medication schedule. The great part about the program is that it doesn’t require me to do anything different. I just dispose of the injection in the smart sharps bin rather than the old bins.”

-Husband & Father, Takes bi-weekly Injections


Husband & Father, Takes bi-weekly Injections

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I contact HealthBeacon's Customer Care Team?

In the U.S.

For any questions or issues related to your HealthBeacon Smart Sharps System, contact Customer Care at

+1.857.496.1834 or at support.usa@healthbeacon.com

Hours: Monday- Friday – 8am – 8pm EST

Outside the U.S.

+353.1.450.8480 or at info@healthbeacon.com

Hours: Monday- Friday – 8am – 5pm GMT

For any questions regarding your health or medication please call your health care provider directly.

What Size is the HealthBeacon?

How do I order a New Internal Sharps Bin?

If you reside in the U.S. please view here

Instrucciones para reemplazar el contenedor interno de agujas en los Estados Unidos

If you reside outside the U.S., please contact our Customer Care team at
info@healthbeacon.com or your local service provider.

Where do I Dispose of the Internal Sharps Bin?

If you live in the U.S., please dispose of the red sharps bin according to your state guidelines. More information regarding state guidelines can be found at: http://www.SafeNeedleDisposal.org


If you live outside of the U.S., please reach out to our Customer Care team at

How Do I Return My HealthBeacon Smart Sharps Device?

How Do I Return My HealthBeacon Smart Sharps Device?

¿Cómo devuelvo mi unidad HealthBeacon?

Thomas lives in Frankfurt Germany as an active businessman, husband and father of two. With an engineering background, he is comfortable using technology to manage his daily schedule and routines.

Thomas started experiencing early signs of psoriasis that his doctor attempted to manage with topical treatments. As the psoriasis has progressed, it has become so severe and has caused such extreme pain that just putting on a shirt is difficult. He has recently been prescribed an injectable biologic to control his condition but needs assurance that he’ll never miss an injection.

He appreciates the flexibility of the HealthBeacon reminders in his native language as he begins integrating treatment into his busy lifestyle.*

Although Sarah suffered pain and numbness for a number of months she has only recently been diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis. She takes her medication up to three times a week and finds it overwhelming to see the needles in the bins pile up throughout the month.

HealthBeacon’s Smart Sharps bin, provides Sarah with an extra level of comfort by storing the used injections in a concealed and elegant manner. The discreet appearance of the HealthBeacon helps her to feel more comfortable in her own home and free from the constant reminder of her illness.*

Anne takes multiple medications for her Rheumatoid Arthritis. She describes a constant ache in her joints, aside from the pain what really frustrates her is the struggle to carry out every day tasks that were once simple such as opening bottles, ironing and using her phone.

Anne has been self administering injectable medications for years now. As Anne is getting older the stiffness in her hands is getting worse which often makes this task unappealing – particularly on a cold winter’s morning. Anne’s children often worry that because of this she does not take her medication. Medication adherence is extremely important for Anne to keep on top of her condition and relieve as many symptoms as she can. HealthBeacon Injection Care Management System reassures Anne’s children that she is adhering to her medication regime.*

*Names and likeness changed for privacy considerations