28 Nov

Kieran Daly

As CTO & Co-founder Kieran has one of the most varied roles, with a primary focus on leading the technology strategy and development tracks from hardware through to the cloud. As a fast growing organisation Kieran enjoys being involved in various other strands of the business from spending time with clients and end users through to Finance and Organisational processes. Kieran has 20 years experience in the technology arena with a particular focus on the intersection of technology and healthcare, where in a past life he built and led the team at wearable sensor company Shimmer, successfully commercialising technology licensed from Intel and served clients in over 60 countries.
In addition to his busy work life, Kieran serves as the Chairman of BioBusiness, an industry association that promotes the Life Science and Health Technology Sector across the island of Ireland and as a member of the Science Gallery Dublin Leonardo group. This is a group of up to 50 Irish and international leaders from business, science, arts, design and media who provide input into Science Gallery’s programme.

In his valuable spare time, he loves spending it with his active family, as well as running, experiencing the outdoors and working on his vinyl collection.

Favourite Quote:

“The unseen is all around us.” David Lynch