28 Sep

Dáire McGrath

Dáire is a Mechanical Engineering Intern and the latest addition to HealthBeacon’s Product Design team. Dáire is in his final year of a Masters in Mechanical Engineering in University College Dublin, having completed his undergraduate degree there.

Dáire is excited to dive into the world of medtech and use his engineering skillset for the good of others. Dáire is a Naughton scholar with a passion for design. Last summer he was part of the UCD Formula Student team that built Ireland’s first ever electric race car.

Born and raised in Kilkenny, Dáire enjoys playing hurling and exploring Ireland’s beautiful countryside in his spare time. As a fluent Irish speaker, Dáire relishes the opportunity to share cupla focal with anyone who would like to learn Irish.


Favorite Quote

“Happiness does not consist in pastimes and amusements but in virtuous activities.”

~ Aristotle