25 Sep

Bernie Maurer

Bernie is heading up the hardware development effort on the next generation of HealthBeacon products. He leads a team that visualizes, defines and builds solutions that will maintain the company’s current lead in the compliance market.  Bernie has been involved with the company from an early stage, consulting on the design of the first product and leading it into manufacturing.  Bernie’s background in technology products stems from 20 years in the computer industry with DEC, Compaq and HP. He has recently worked in the consulting industry in Boston and as a design manager at Goodbaby Group.

Born in Cincinnati Ohio, but has lived in Boston for the past 37 years with his wife and two sons.  Bernie spends more time on his computerized watering system than keeping the weeds from taking over his garden. He excels at hitting golf balls into the woods and firmly believes that almost any conversation can somehow be brought back around to sports.

Favourite Quote

“In theory, there is no difference between theory and practice. In practice, there is.”  Yogi Berra