22 Jul

U.S. Growth Hormone Adherence Patient Survey Results

Study finds that patients on growth hormone medications have difficulty adhering to their medication schedule

HealthBeacon and The MAGIC Foundation announce discoveries from a patient survey

(Boston,MA; July 16th, 2019) HealthBeacon, a medication adherence technology company, and The MAGIC Foundation, the world’s leading advocacy and information group for human growth disorders, have carried out a survey which highlights the adherence issues for patients on growth hormone medication.

Poor adherence to treatment of chronic diseases is a worldwide problem and adherence to long-term therapy for chronic illnesses in developed countries is averaging 50%. The survey highlighted a trend towards poor adherence over duration of treatment with an important drop after the first year. Across all demographics surveyed, the top reason for the patient missing their medication was due to “being too busy and forgetting”.

HealthBeacon’s Director of Operations for North America, Sean Glynn said, “It was interesting to note that one-in-five patients are self-reporting suboptimal adherence levels, highlighting the need for smart tools and support to help stay on track with treatment.” Smart Tools such as the HealthBeacon smart sharps bin system has made it easier for patients, using injectable medications, to maintain their treatment schedule and this has resulted in improved persistence to treatment by 20-30% within the first year.

“This is an important look into the challenges associated with long-term treatment for chronic conditions such as growth disorders,” commented Dianne Kremidas, Executive Director at The MAGIC Foundation. “We are delighted to share these results with patients, physicians and pharmaceutical companies to bring light to this critical issue.”

The MAGIC Foundation is the global leader in endocrine health, advocacy, education, and support. HealthBeacon believes that engaging with the world’s leading advocacy groups will provide a strong network and patient engagement program to improve medication adherence.

About HealthBeacon

HealthBeacon is a medication adherence technology company which develops smart tools for managing medication. The HealthBeacon is a smart sharps bin for patients who self-inject medications at home. It is digitally connected and programmed with a patient’s personal medication schedule and uses customized reminders to help them start and stay on track with medication. The technology has been on the market since 2013 and has tracked > 270,000 injections and is now available in the US Market. To learn more, email events@healthbeacon.com.

About The MAGIC Foundation

The MAGIC Foundation was incorporated in the state of Illinois and received 501(C)3 non-profit status October 29, 1989. Since its inception, the Foundation has grown to include support services for adults who were also impacted by these disorders.

Media enquiries: Mary Principe  | Email: events@healthbeacon.com

10 Jun

HealthBeacon innovation featured as part of MedTechWeek

HealthBeacon featured as part of the MedTechWeek publication in the Irish Independent reflecting on our eHealth Innovation of the year award from the Irish Medtech Association. Hear from CTO Kieran Daly on how the award impacted HealthBeacon and the wider plans as the organisation continues to scale.

Click on the link below to see the article & read the interview.

Innovation in Medtech

09 May

HealthBeacon Labs shortlisted for design award

We are very excited to announce that the HealthBeacon User Experience Lab has been shortlisted for the UX 2019 Awards in the UX Achievement in Health and Lifestyle category.

We have achieved 90% patient acceptance rates with our current product, which we firmly believe is a testament to our patient-centric design ethos. To embed this across our organisation we created the User Experience Lab. An immersive experience where one can step into the shoes of a patient, empathise and understand their needs. This Lab will ensure we maintain this ethos as we design and release new products and will also help our clients truly understand the challenges that their patients are facing.

Karen Tracey

Product Designer



03 May

Malin Johansson to become Vice President of Europe for HealthBeacon

Malin Johansson to become Vice President of Europe for HealthBeacon

Dublin, Ireland Headquartered, HealthBeacon, a leading global medical adherence technology provider whose mission is to “build smart tools for managing medications” will be establishing a dedicated European division to drive further growth of its technology platform. It’s FDA cleared “best in class” medical adherence tool for tracking injectable medications has already been globally launched in 11 countries. This new division will be responsible for all European markets outside of the UK and Ireland and we are delighted to announce that Malin Johansson will be heading up this group. In her role as Vice President of Europe she will be responsible for developing both the market and the HealthBeacon organisation across this important region.


“We have known Malin for years from her impressive career in Pharmaceuticals working for Abbott/AbbVie in both Medical Device, Patient Experience and Marketing functions with Affiliate, Nordic, Europe and Global responsibilities and we couldn’t be more excited to work with her again. Malin is a passionate evangelist for implementing technology and solutions that make a real difference in patients’ lives and has extensive experience specifically implementing digital health solutions in Europe.”

Jim Joyce, CEO and Co-founder, HealthBeacon


“I am delighted to be joining this innovative, fast growing technology company with a clear mission to support people that requires to take mediciations home and Health Care systems around the world with trusted information around medication adherence and consumption. Today, HealthBeacon has implemented it’s technology in a number of European countries; Germany, Portugal, Ireland, Netherlands, Belgium, and Italy. My ambition would be to rapidly expand the implementation and increase the number of countries we support in Europe to allow a wider access to HealthBeacon´s technology. In doing so, HealthBeacon will strenghten their existing business relationships and become a strategic and strong partner to support the expansion of future connected medicines.”

Malin Johansson, VP of Europe, HealthBeacon

Malin most recently was Senior Global Marketing Manager,  Immunology Strategic Operations, Global Marketing at AbbVie responsible for developing and implementing the AbbVie Immunology leadership identity for their portfolio of assets  and for driving adoption of technology and marketing solutions across the world. She will work between Paris and Stockholm, while covering all of Europe. Outside of work Malin is an active mom and a passionate soccer fan with her club being the Swedish AIK where her two daughters play.

16 Apr

Future Pharma Leader Network 2019

Dave Shanahan sets up a Future Pharma Leader Network 2019 Dinner Series hosted at HealthBeacon Headquarters.

Who is Dave Shanahan, by Jim Joyce: When I think of Pharmaceutical Leadership in Ireland one name jumps to everyone’s short list, Dave Shanahan. Dave went from a Janssen medical  sales representative to becoming the Managing Director Manager of Pfizer Ireland during the days when category leading medication, Lipitor, was redefining the industry. He lead IDA’s global Life Sciences division, became a top executive for AbbVie out of Chicago, is the founding chair of the Irish government’s Health Innovation Hub and today sits on the board of Enterprise Ireland. HealthBeacon is lucky to have him heading Partnership Initiatives since our founding in 2013. Dave is a high energy, personable connector of ideas and people in healthcare and is certainly a leader.

What is the Future Pharma Leader Network 2019?  It’s a small network of people working in the Pharmaceutical industry who have been selected by their bosses as Future Pharma Leaders.

Dave, in your words tell us more? “One of the joys of looking back on a long pharma career is reflecting on some great people and presentations along the way which enabled new thinking and new friendships. Many Irish leaders are in the vanguard of the changes presently sweeping healthcare and pharma. Think of the convergence of pharma, medtech, digital tech and healthcare services, the rise of genomics and digital health, new economic realities impacting demographics and cost. Pharma’s business model is facing profound challenges and opportunities.

So, we’ve decided to host some evening events for an exclusive group of Pharma executives we’re calling the Future Pharma Leader Network. We’re bringing terrific speakers to address our network and engage with them on topics which are disrupting healthcare today”

Who is invited? We reached out to Ireland’s current Pharma Leaders in the commercial divisions of the major pharmaceutical companies and asked each of them to nominate people who they thought were Future Pharma Leaders. We received 34 nomination with contributions from almost every major pharmaceutical company that has a presence in Ireland. Unfortunately, we couldn’t accommodate everyone so our final list is 25 highly talented ambitious pharma executives.

Who is speaking at the inaugural event? One of Ireland’s great healthcare innovators the legendary Professor Brendan Buckley. His resume includes: Chief Medical Officer Tekro, Former Chief Medical Officer of ICON, Co-founder Firecrest, Consultant Endocrinologist, Chairperson Fighting Blindness, Clinical Professor University College of Cork, and a great speaker!

Can you tell us about future speakers? We have a great list in development, we want people with a unique perspective on the Pharma industry and a proven track record of success, who are willing to share their perspective with talented emerging pharma execs. Think exciting Biotech CEOs, Proven Health and Tech Innovators, Ministers, Pharma Execs with International Careers, Payors, Health System Leaders…

Why set this up? We believe these 25 nominees are capable of defining the pharmaceutical industry in Ireland and abroad. We wanted to give them a space to interact with each other over a meal, hear a great thought provoking speaker and critically discuss the opportunities and changes that will affect the Pharmaceutical industry.

Will you run this event outside of Ireland? That’s the plan, but let’s run this one first.

Is this event open to anyone? No, you must be nominated to attend the event and we are keeping it small to allow people a chance to interact with each other.

04 Mar

Shining light of medtech market- The Sunday Times

HealthBeacon featured in The Sunday Times, an article by Gavin Daly.

HealthBeacon boss Jim Joyce is helping to ease the pain for patients with his ‘smart’ syringe disposal bins

In an unassuming block off the old Naas Road in Dublin’s industrial heartland, Jim Joyce is giving a guided tour of HealthBeacon, his young medtech company. From outside, HealthBeacon HQ looks like any other building in the area; inside there is a 3D printer in the corner, artificial grass on the floor, and hundreds of the company’s hi-tech devices lie stacked for shipping.

The place is painted duck egg green, so the feeling is like being inside one of HealthBeacon’s “smart” syringe disposal bins, says Joyce, an energetic American who is 15 years in Ireland. He introduces his staff by name and gets them to explain their roles, from design to quality assurance, testing to data analysis.

To read the full article please visit The Times website.

11 Feb

HealthBeacon at HIMSS

HealthBeacon Exec, Andrea Rangel today will participate at the HIMSS conference in Orlando, Florida. In addition to her role with HealthBeacon, Andrea serves as an executive director for ABCIS in São Paulo and will participate in this conference that gathers healthcare leaders from around the world to discover new ways to utilize innovative information and technology to advance health transformation.

Reach out to HealthBeacon today to schedule a meeting with Andrea Rangel at the HIMSS conference in Orlando, Florida.  Andrea@healthbeacon.com

09 Jan

Dublin medtech HealthBeacon raises $12m in a Series A round

With funding and FDA clearance under its belt, this Dublin tech start-up has plans to help patients stick to their medication schedule.

(Dublin, Ireland; San Francisco, CA – January 8th, 2019) Dublin and Boston based digital health company, HealthBeacon announces the completion of its Series A investment round of $12M, bringing total funding to date into the company of $15M. The announcement was made in San Francisco, CA at the JP Morgan Chase Biotech Showcase. The funding comes on the back of rapid global expansion of its FDA cleared HealthBeacon Smart Sharps Technology. 

 The funding from this Series A will be used to launch its Smart Sharps System into the USA and to develop out their portfolio of medical adherence tools for high value medications. The addressable market for injectable medications has reached nearly $50 billion. As of today, HealthBeacon operates in 10 markets and has tracked more than 200,000 home based injections making it one of the largest global deployments of a medical adherence device. Today HealthBeacon employs over 30 people and plans to double the team over the next 18 months.

 The smart sharps bin system by HealthBeacon has made it easier for patients, using injectable medications, to stay on track with their treatment schedule. This has resulted in improved patient medication adherence and driving patient care. In December, they were awarded eHealth Innovation of the Year, by the MedTech Association of Ireland. 

Doug Veale, Professor of Rheumatology, St Vincent’s Hospital Ireland “I’ve been using the HealthBeacon for over two years and their Smart Sharps Bin has had a profound impact on how patients manage their treatment. I know with confidence as to whether my patients are adhering to their treatment strategy.” 

The round was organized by HealthBeacon and Cantor Fitzgerald and led by Oyster Capital and Elkstone Partners, the investment syndicate included Quorndon Capital and Cantor Fitzgerald’s Private Client Group. Previous investors in HealthBeacon include Enterprise Ireland, BVP and a range of Angel Investors. 

Liam Kiely, Director, Cantor Fitzgerald said “We are delighted to have worked with HealthBeacon in putting this $12m Series A round together. Cantor has a major focus on Life Sciences and on Digital Health, and we have every confidence that CEO & co-founder Mr. Jim Joyce has created a true sector leader in HealthBeacon.”

This fundraise was covered by the Silicon Republic and NewsTalk Business Breakfast.


20 Dec

HealthBeacon Presents at JP Morgan Digital Medicine and Medtech Showcase

Digital Health company, HealthBeacon, will present for the third time at the 11thAnnual JP Morgan Conference in San Francisco, CA. HealthBeacon CEO, Jim Joyce will present at the Digital Medicine and Medtech Showcase to the biggest names in medical technology. The conference takes place on January 7th– 10that the Parc 55 San Francisco hotel.

HealthBeacon’s presentation time and venue:

Digital Medicine & Medtech Showcase on Tuesday, January 8th , 2018 at the hotel Parc 55 San Francisco at 1:30 pm (PST) – Powell – I (Level 3).

Parc 55 San Francisco – Union Square

55 Cyril Magnin Street, 3rd Floor

San Francisco, CA 94102

About HealthBeacon

HealthBeacon is a Digital Health company that develops smart tools for managing medication. HealthBeacon has developed an injectable medication management system that tightly monitors patients digitally, keeping them adherent to their prescription and leveraging real time data to drive clinical intervention. This system has been clinically reviewed, validated by the pharmaceutical industry and has been integrated into patient care programs throughout North America and Europe, delivering valuable data to both the patient and their clinical team.

27 Nov

Vodafone teams with HealthBeacon for patient medication tool

Device developed by digital therapeutics company reminds patients about injections

Vodafone Ireland has teamed up with Irish digital therapeutics company HealthBeacon to provide internet of things (IoT) connectivity for the company’s new smart health product.

HealthBeacon, which is headquartered in Dublin, develops smart tools for managing medication. Its latest product helps to remind patients to inject their medications at home. The device can be programmed with a patient’s medication schedule, and will remind them to take it at the correct times.

Vodafone IoT connectivity will connect the devices and facilitate the transfer of data. “This enables HealthBeacon to streamline our expansion and launch new countries quickly,” said Kieran Daly, HealthBeacon co-founder chief technical officer. “This global partnership will serve patients all over the world and ensure seamless connectivity for both our current and next-generation devices.”

“Remote patient monitoring is one element that empowers people to manage their conditions and helps them to live more independently,” said Debbie Power, Vodafone Ireland’s IoT country manager. “Our next-generation network means we are at the forefront of ensuring healthcare is securely connected now and into the future.”

Featured in:

Irish Times: https://www.irishtimes.com/business/technology/vodafone-teams-with-healthbeacon-for-patient-medication-tool-1.3711371

Silicon Republic: https://www.siliconrepublic.com/machines/healthbeacon-vodafone-medtech-iot-roll-out

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