09 Jan

HealthBeacon presents at Biotech Showcase

HealthBeacon to present at 9th annual Biotech Showcase in San Francisco

HealthBeacon to present at 9th annual Biotech Showcase in San FranciscoIoT company, HealthBeacon, a leading medical adherence provider will present at the 9th annual Biotech Showcase in San Francisco.

Dublin, Ireland (January 9th, 2017)

A leader in the development of medical adherence solutions for injectable medications, today announced that it is scheduled to present at the 9th Annual Biotech Showcase, being held on January 9-11, 2017 at the Hilton San Francisco Union Square in San Francisco.

Jim Joyce, Chief Executive Officer, will provide an update of the Company’s business during the live presentation and will be available for face-to-face conversations with conference attendees. Details for the presentation are as follows: Date: Wednesday, January 11, 2017 Time: 8:00AM PST.

­­­­­­­About HealthBeacon

HealthBeacon is an Irish-based IoT company developing a digital health platform connecting devices and data for better health delivery. Visit Website >

HealthBeacon, founded in 2014 by both Jim Joyce, serial healthcare entrepreneur, and Kieran Daly, former CEO of Shimmer, developed its first device – to help patients on self injectable medication adhere to their medical schedules.

Medical adherence, helping patients comply with treatment regimens is one of the largest problems facing healthcare systems. Evidence suggests that patients on average comply with their medicine schedules only 50-70% of the time. The pharmaceutical market for patients who self administer medicines by injections is estimated to be over €40b.

Millions of patients worldwide treat devastating chronic diseases like diabetes, multiple sclerosis, arthritis, gastro conditions, and heart disease by self administering injections in their home. Unfortunately, many of these patients struggle to comply with their treatment.

The HealthBeacon team has designed a device that knows when a patient has taken their medication and critically if they have forgotten, or missed a dose. If they miss an injection, their HealthBeacon will send a simple reminder to their phone. The result is potentially a more compliant and healthier patient.

“HealthBeacon is a significant advancement in the management of self injectable medications, we can now have confidence that a patient has taken their medication on time when in the home”, said Professor Douglas Veale, Consultant Rheumatologist, Adjunct Professor of Medicine, University College Dublin.

HealthBeacon’s digital platform exploits the increased trend in healthcare to connect devices and data for better health delivery. The internet of things (IoT) trend will drive fast adoption and scaling of the platform, especially as it supports lower cost health delivery in the community of patients who previously were only administered their treatment in hospital.

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02 Jan

HealthBeacon Adds New Investors

HealthBeacon Adds New InvestorsHealthBeacon recently completed a significant seed investment round led by Oyster Capital, Elkstone Private, and Enterprise Ireland.

Welcoming the investment, Jim Joyce, CEO of HealthBeacon said “We are delighted that Oyster Capital and Elkstone Private have decided to invest in our company and join our board. Along with Enterprise Ireland, they bring diverse expertise in growing international businesses and share our excitement about our platform and growth potential.

HealthBeacon November 6th, 2016

29 Dec

HealthBeacon Co-Founders on Podcasts

HealthBeacon Co-Founders on PodcastsHealthBeacon Co-Founders Jim Joyce and Kieran Daly have been busy participating in podcasts and educating the public about what it means to take the Start-Up Journey and the importance of medical adherence.


28 Dec

HealthBeacon featured on MedTech Engine

HealthBeacon featured on MedTech Engine

HealthBeacon May 12, 2016

HealthBeacon CEO Jim Joyce was recently interviewed by MedTech about  the magic formula that has helped HealthBeacon speed up innovation. In his overview of the company, Joyce said that, ‘HealthBeacon, as a company, is building a product that passively collects patient data and then turns that into powerful clinical insights and targeted interventions to improve a patient’s treatment and outcomes. Our philosophy is that we want to work within the existing patient and clinical pathway, making it effortless for the doctor and the patient, but then returning insights that make it almost magical.”

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