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Medics Need Apply: The Increasing Role of Doctors outside the Clinical World

HealthBeacon appoints new Medical Science Liaison. August 2020.

HealthBeacon is happy to announce the latest addition to our expanding team, Dr. Sharifah Sarhan, as our new Medical Science Liaison. Having experience across several medical specialities as a junior doctor, Sharifah joins HealthBeacon in our Dublin Headquarters to facilitate research, assist in regulatory affairs and to help bring clinical experience and skills into the non-clinical world.

Hospitals and Clinics are full of smart and compassionate Doctors and the field of Digital Health needs them. Sometimes we need them to adopt, embrace and improve new technologies, but sometimes we need them as team members, working inside a Digital Health company, and outside of clinical medicine. We find the collaboration between technologists and doctors to be always insightful and often truly transformational in how we develop our products and services for patients. – Jim Joyce, CEO HealthBeacon


Sharifah shares her thoughts with us on how she sees doctors playing an increasing role in non-clinical medicine and in the world of digital health.

I sometimes draw comparisons between my experience in clinical medicine and that of being on a treadmill; the path is set out in front of you, all you must do is take the next step. Of course, a considerable amount of hard work, long hours, study and sacrifice go into those steps, but the path is there for you to walk, nonetheless. Graduating from university, the course of your career is for the most part at your footsteps, from junior doctor, to basic and higher training, with exams in between, the path is clear if not long. The longer you are on that treadmill however, and the faster it gets, the thought of stepping off becomes more daunting. To take what can feel like a giant leap, to follow a different path or perhaps create your own, can be overwhelming and can understandably leave many doctors, including myself, feeling as though they are programmed only to walk that treadmill. Clinical medicine is a fantastic and hugely rewarding career, and one in which you can make a tangible difference to the lives of others, but it is not the only path a doctor can take. Opportunities to create change, to improve the care we give, enhance patient outcomes, while continuing professional development, are not only found in the clinical world.

As healthcare must change and adapt to overcome the challenges it faces, so too must the role of a doctor. Increasingly, doctors are becoming more involved in non-clinical aspects of healthcare, whether it be in pharmaceuticals, research, medical education and writing or in executive and management positions. As physicians, we endeavour to enhance patient outcomes in the most acceptable and efficient way we can. Such aspirations can now be realised outside of the clinical environment. Problem solving, communication, organisational and triage skills are not only of use within hospital and clinic walls. The opportunities to transfer these skills, learned in medical school and honed through clinical practice, to other areas of healthcare are numerous and far-reaching. One such area is that of the ever-expanding field of Digital Health.

As one of the most exciting and promising areas of non-clinical medicine, Digital Health has huge potential to alter medical practice as we know it and change patient health behaviours. When we consider some of the advances in healthcare technology that exist today, whether it be robot assisted surgery, subdermal devices that can detect and prevent seizure activity in the brain, mobile applications that detect skin cancer, or simple vital sign monitoring devices we wear on our wrists as we go about our day, we can appreciate how digital health is becoming part of the meshwork of both modern medicine and modern life. Indeed, as the challenges of an aging population and increased disease burden escalate, with the corresponding strain on resources and finances, so too does the need to meet these challenges. Now more than ever, in this COVID-era, the idea remote patient monitoring is not only an interesting area of development, but an imperative one. The recent pandemic has highlighted both its need, and its scope.

Video consultations and virtual clinic appointments have made it possible for practitioners to stay connected with patients, continue to deliver high-quality real-time care and support, precise and customised to each patient, while ensuring the safety of both patients and doctors. Furthermore, these difficult times have taught us that as a community, we possess the ability to take the management of disease into our own hands. Whether it be socially distancing and wearing PPE to try and control one of the most significant pandemics in history or adhering to medication regimes to maintain control over chronic illness, we have the power to change the course of our own health. Central to this, are the tools and the technologies that give us such power.

HealthBeacon’s premise is simple, but precise. Ultimately, it provides patients with greater autonomy over their illness, while giving physicians the insights needed to deliver more optimal and efficient care. As such, I am delighted to be working as part of the HealthBeacon team in advancing patient care in Ireland and internationally. Although I will always enjoy aspects of clinical medicine and can appreciate it as a unique and truly humbling profession, I am looking forward to exploring new opportunities in an exciting, non-clinical career in Digital Health, off the treadmill.

HealthBeacon is proud to acknowledge the skills doctors can have both in the clinical and the digital world, and is excited to have Sharifah as part of our team helping to drive the research, data and innovation behind the care we provide.



Jim Joyce, CEO of HealthBeacon, has an MBA from University College of Dublin and BA in Economics from Fordham  University. He is the CEO and Co-Founder of HealthBeacon, a Dublin, Ireland based medical adherence technology company.






Dr.Sharifah Sarhan, MB BAO BCh has joined the HealthBeacon team as a Medical Science Liaison, to facilitate clinical research and assist with Regulatory Affairs. Sharifah is a medical doctor, graduating from University College Dublin and experience across several medical specialities as a junior doctor. Sharifah is based in HealthBeacon’s office in Dublin, Ireland.



About HealthBeacon

HealthBeacon is a medication adherence technology company which develops smart tools for managing medication at home. HealthBeacon’s FDA cleared smart sharps bin tracks patient injection history, provides personalized interactive reminders and safely stores used injectables. With the intervention of HealthBeacon’s Smart Sharps Technology, patients’ persistence and adherence increased by 25-30% within twelve months of initiating therapy. The HealthBeacon integrated model connects a patient’s routine and the prescribing clinician’s workflow. This technology has been adopted across thirteen countries with >300,000 injections tracked since launch in 2014, with a patient acceptance rate of

22 Jul

U.S. Growth Hormone Adherence Patient Survey Results

Study finds that patients on growth hormone medications have difficulty adhering to their medication schedule

HealthBeacon and The MAGIC Foundation announce discoveries from a patient survey

(Boston,MA; July 16th, 2019) HealthBeacon, a medication adherence technology company, and The MAGIC Foundation, the world’s leading advocacy and information group for human growth disorders, have carried out a survey which highlights the adherence issues for patients on growth hormone medication.

Poor adherence to treatment of chronic diseases is a worldwide problem and adherence to long-term therapy for chronic illnesses in developed countries is averaging 50%. The survey highlighted a trend towards poor adherence over duration of treatment with an important drop after the first year. Across all demographics surveyed, the top reason for the patient missing their medication was due to “being too busy and forgetting”.

HealthBeacon’s Director of Operations for North America, Sean Glynn said, “It was interesting to note that one-in-five patients are self-reporting suboptimal adherence levels, highlighting the need for smart tools and support to help stay on track with treatment.” Smart Tools such as the HealthBeacon smart sharps bin system has made it easier for patients, using injectable medications, to maintain their treatment schedule and this has resulted in improved persistence to treatment by 20-30% within the first year.

“This is an important look into the challenges associated with long-term treatment for chronic conditions such as growth disorders,” commented Dianne Kremidas, Executive Director at The MAGIC Foundation. “We are delighted to share these results with patients, physicians and pharmaceutical companies to bring light to this critical issue.”

The MAGIC Foundation is the global leader in endocrine health, advocacy, education, and support. HealthBeacon believes that engaging with the world’s leading advocacy groups will provide a strong network and patient engagement program to improve medication adherence.

About HealthBeacon

HealthBeacon is a medication adherence technology company which develops smart tools for managing medication. The HealthBeacon is a smart sharps bin for patients who self-inject medications at home. It is digitally connected and programmed with a patient’s personal medication schedule and uses customized reminders to help them start and stay on track with medication. The technology has been on the market since 2013 and has tracked > 270,000 injections and is now available in the US Market. To learn more, email events@healthbeacon.com.

About The MAGIC Foundation

The MAGIC Foundation was incorporated in the state of Illinois and received 501(C)3 non-profit status October 29, 1989. Since its inception, the Foundation has grown to include support services for adults who were also impacted by these disorders.

Media enquiries: Mary Principe  | Email: events@healthbeacon.com

10 Jun

HealthBeacon innovation featured as part of MedTechWeek

HealthBeacon featured as part of the MedTechWeek publication in the Irish Independent reflecting on our eHealth Innovation of the year award from the Irish Medtech Association. Hear from CTO Kieran Daly on how the award impacted HealthBeacon and the wider plans as the organisation continues to scale.

Click on the link below to see the article & read the interview.

Innovation in Medtech

09 May

HealthBeacon Labs shortlisted for design award

We are very excited to announce that the HealthBeacon User Experience Lab has been shortlisted for the UX 2019 Awards in the UX Achievement in Health and Lifestyle category.

We have achieved 90% patient acceptance rates with our current product, which we firmly believe is a testament to our patient-centric design ethos. To embed this across our organisation we created the User Experience Lab. An immersive experience where one can step into the shoes of a patient, empathise and understand their needs. This Lab will ensure we maintain this ethos as we design and release new products and will also help our clients truly understand the challenges that their patients are facing.

Karen Tracey

Product Designer



03 May

Malin Johansson to become Vice President of Europe for HealthBeacon

Malin Johansson to become Vice President of Europe for HealthBeacon

Dublin, Ireland Headquartered, HealthBeacon, a leading global medical adherence technology provider whose mission is to “build smart tools for managing medications” will be establishing a dedicated European division to drive further growth of its technology platform. It’s FDA cleared “best in class” medical adherence tool for tracking injectable medications has already been globally launched in 11 countries. This new division will be responsible for all European markets outside of the UK and Ireland and we are delighted to announce that Malin Johansson will be heading up this group. In her role as Vice President of Europe she will be responsible for developing both the market and the HealthBeacon organisation across this important region.


“We have known Malin for years from her impressive career in Pharmaceuticals working for Abbott/AbbVie in both Medical Device, Patient Experience and Marketing functions with Affiliate, Nordic, Europe and Global responsibilities and we couldn’t be more excited to work with her again. Malin is a passionate evangelist for implementing technology and solutions that make a real difference in patients’ lives and has extensive experience specifically implementing digital health solutions in Europe.”

Jim Joyce, CEO and Co-founder, HealthBeacon


“I am delighted to be joining this innovative, fast growing technology company with a clear mission to support people that requires to take mediciations home and Health Care systems around the world with trusted information around medication adherence and consumption. Today, HealthBeacon has implemented it’s technology in a number of European countries; Germany, Portugal, Ireland, Netherlands, Belgium, and Italy. My ambition would be to rapidly expand the implementation and increase the number of countries we support in Europe to allow a wider access to HealthBeacon´s technology. In doing so, HealthBeacon will strenghten their existing business relationships and become a strategic and strong partner to support the expansion of future connected medicines.”

Malin Johansson, VP of Europe, HealthBeacon

Malin most recently was Senior Global Marketing Manager,  Immunology Strategic Operations, Global Marketing at AbbVie responsible for developing and implementing the AbbVie Immunology leadership identity for their portfolio of assets  and for driving adoption of technology and marketing solutions across the world. She will work between Paris and Stockholm, while covering all of Europe. Outside of work Malin is an active mom and a passionate soccer fan with her club being the Swedish AIK where her two daughters play.

16 Apr

Future Pharma Leader Network 2019

Dave Shanahan sets up a Future Pharma Leader Network 2019 Dinner Series hosted at HealthBeacon Headquarters.

Who is Dave Shanahan, by Jim Joyce: When I think of Pharmaceutical Leadership in Ireland one name jumps to everyone’s short list, Dave Shanahan. Dave went from a Janssen medical  sales representative to becoming the Managing Director Manager of Pfizer Ireland during the days when category leading medication, Lipitor, was redefining the industry. He lead IDA’s global Life Sciences division, became a top executive for AbbVie out of Chicago, is the founding chair of the Irish government’s Health Innovation Hub and today sits on the board of Enterprise Ireland. HealthBeacon is lucky to have him heading Partnership Initiatives since our founding in 2013. Dave is a high energy, personable connector of ideas and people in healthcare and is certainly a leader.

What is the Future Pharma Leader Network 2019?  It’s a small network of people working in the Pharmaceutical industry who have been selected by their bosses as Future Pharma Leaders.

Dave, in your words tell us more? “One of the joys of looking back on a long pharma career is reflecting on some great people and presentations along the way which enabled new thinking and new friendships. Many Irish leaders are in the vanguard of the changes presently sweeping healthcare and pharma. Think of the convergence of pharma, medtech, digital tech and healthcare services, the rise of genomics and digital health, new economic realities impacting demographics and cost. Pharma’s business model is facing profound challenges and opportunities.

So, we’ve decided to host some evening events for an exclusive group of Pharma executives we’re calling the Future Pharma Leader Network. We’re bringing terrific speakers to address our network and engage with them on topics which are disrupting healthcare today”

Who is invited? We reached out to Ireland’s current Pharma Leaders in the commercial divisions of the major pharmaceutical companies and asked each of them to nominate people who they thought were Future Pharma Leaders. We received 34 nomination with contributions from almost every major pharmaceutical company that has a presence in Ireland. Unfortunately, we couldn’t accommodate everyone so our final list is 25 highly talented ambitious pharma executives.

Who is speaking at the inaugural event? One of Ireland’s great healthcare innovators the legendary Professor Brendan Buckley. His resume includes: Chief Medical Officer Tekro, Former Chief Medical Officer of ICON, Co-founder Firecrest, Consultant Endocrinologist, Chairperson Fighting Blindness, Clinical Professor University College of Cork, and a great speaker!

Can you tell us about future speakers? We have a great list in development, we want people with a unique perspective on the Pharma industry and a proven track record of success, who are willing to share their perspective with talented emerging pharma execs. Think exciting Biotech CEOs, Proven Health and Tech Innovators, Ministers, Pharma Execs with International Careers, Payors, Health System Leaders…

Why set this up? We believe these 25 nominees are capable of defining the pharmaceutical industry in Ireland and abroad. We wanted to give them a space to interact with each other over a meal, hear a great thought provoking speaker and critically discuss the opportunities and changes that will affect the Pharmaceutical industry.

Will you run this event outside of Ireland? That’s the plan, but let’s run this one first.

Is this event open to anyone? No, you must be nominated to attend the event and we are keeping it small to allow people a chance to interact with each other.

24 Oct

HealthBeacon attends Johnson & Johnson, JLABS CEO Summit

HealthBeacon are delighted to attend the 2nd annual JLABs CEO Summit in sunny La Jolla, San Diego. 

The event has gathered partners of Johnson & Johnson’s, JLABs group for two days of networking and information exchange as well as talks and panel discussions with industry leaders. 

HealthBeacon has been part of the global JLABs network after being chosen as the winner of the Johnson & Johnson Innovation, JLABS and Janssen Supply Chain Group, LLC (JSC) Patient Adherence QuickFire Challenge earlier this year.

Since winning the QuickFire Challenge, HealthBeacon has achieved FDA clearance for it’s smart sharps bin and launched in an additional four markets including the U.S. so there is a lot to catch up on with old friends and new at the event. 

This coupled with the growth of our product portfolio and data analytics platform offers a clear point of intersection within the JLABs ecosystem.

Having completed day one of the event which was focussed on JPAL & Investor Partnering we are excited to partake in the CEO Summit main program which began tonight featuring talks from J&J executives, JLABS CEOs, investors and industry leaders, and continues on Wednesday 24th.


22 Dec

HealthBeacon Smart Sharps System is approved by Israeli Ministry of Health and launched into the Israeli market

HealthBeacon were honoured to host Israeli Ambassador Zeev Boker, Deputy Ambassador Orli Weitzman and Commercial Representative Colin Sheena to our Dublin offices this week to mark the launch of HealthBeacon in Israel.

For Israeli patients that take injectable medications it is often a struggle to stay on their treatment schedule, now they can have access to our medical adherence tools and platform.

We are excited to launch in Israel with our first Patients going live this week. This is a key milestone in our development and along with our Partners we look forward to building on this success based on a shared approach to innovation in Patient support. Jim Joyce, CEO, HealthBeacon

Ambassador Zeev Boker & CTO Kieran Daly exchanging gifts.


09 Feb

HealthBeacon raises €1m in seed funding…

HealthBeacon raises €1m in seed funding to roll out medical adherence device internationally

HealthBeacon raises €1m in seed funding to roll out medical adherence device internationallyLondon, UK (February 9th, 2016)

Earlier today HealthBeacon, a digital health platform connecting devices and data for better health delivery, announced the completion of its €1m seed investment round to support the launch of its medical adherence device for patients on self injectable medications. The announcement came during an exclusive digital health care event at the Imperial College of London.

HealthBeacon, founded in 2014, by both Jim Joyce, serial healthcare entrepreneur, and Kieran Daly, former CEO of Shimmer, developed its first device – to help patients on self injectable medication adhere to their medical schedules.

Medical adherence, helping patients comply with treatment regimens is one of the largest problems facing healthcare systems. Evidence suggests that patients on average comply with their medicine schedules only 50-70% of the time. The pharmaceutical market for patients who self administer medicines by injections is estimated to be over €40b.

2016, will be a breakout year for the HealthBeacon platform, our first product for self injectable medications is being rolled out internationally to 1,000s of patients”, said Jim Joyce, co-founder HealthBeacon, at the digital health event in London.

Millions of patients worldwide treat devastating chronic diseases like Diabetes, Multiple Sclerosis, Arthritis, Gastro Conditions, and Heart Disease by self administering injections in their home. Unfortunately, many of these patients struggle to comply with their treatment.

The HealthBeacon team has designed a device that knows when a patient has taken their medication and critically if they have forgotten, or missed a dose. If they miss an injection, their HealthBeacon will send a simple reminder to their phone. The result is potentially a more compliant and healthier patient.

HealthBeacon is a significant advancement in the management of self injectable medications, we can now have confidence that a patient has taken their medication on time when in the home“, said Professor Douglas Veale, Consultant Rheumatologist, Adjunct Professor of Medicine, University College Dublin.

The company launched the device in Ireland in 2015 and has worked with Cleveland Clinic Innovation Centre to assess how the tool could be integrated into clinical care pathways globally.

HealthBeacon is putting a focus on the very important issue of improving medical adherence, while trying to improve overall patient/physican engagement and health delivery”, said Brian Kolonick, General Manager, Global Healthcare Innovation Alliance, Cleveland Clinic.

The funding from the seed round will be used to commercially roll out the tool across Europe. Investors in the seed round include the Irish government through Enterprise Ireland, and private medical and technology angel investors.

HealthBeacon’s digital platform exploits the increased trend in healthcare to connect devices and data for better health delivery. The internet of things (IoT) trend will drive fast adoption and scaling of the platform, especially as it supports lower cost health delivery in the community of patients who previously were only administered their treatment in hospital.

23 Apr

HealthXL, HealthBeacon, Cleveland Clinic Launch Research Collab…

HealthXL, HealthBeacon, and Cleveland Clinic Launch Research Collaboration to Revolutionize the Management of Self Injectable Medication at Home

Today HealthXL announced that two of its partners HealthBeacon and Cleveland Clinic are exploring opportunities to change the way patients manage self injectable medications in the home.

The HealthBeacon system helps patients manage self injectable medications in the home. The device is an elegant tool that engages patients who take self injectable medication and improves their compliance to therapy, while practically dealing with their medical waste. The HealthBeacon system is in the advanced prototype stage and is launching into European Markets in the second quarter of 2015. HealthBeacon’s objective with this 12 week project is to gain valuable clinical insights and initiate a working relationship with Cleveland Clinic and to help prepare the product for launch into the USA later in the year.

HealthBeacon was introduced to the HealthXL partners and advisors at the Cleveland Innovation Summit (October 2014). Their proposal aligned closely with the HealthXL Moonshots in the areas of Connected Health and Behaviour Change.

“We are thrilled to work with such a prestigious institution as Cleveland Clinic. This collaboration allows us to scale our operations globally very quickly and reach out to many more patients to help them manage their medications in the home. HealthXL has been the catalyser that invigorated the development of this exciting opportunity.” says Kieran Daly Co-Founder at HealthBeacon.

“New collaborations are needed to drive innovation in healthcare that can scale globally. And that’s our mission to catalyse collaboration between leading brands in healthcare and the most exciting tech companies to improve the lives of millions of people” said Martin Kelly, CEO and Co-Founder of HealthXL.

HealthXL and their group of partners are constantly exploring similar opportunities in healthcare to work with high growth companies, increasing the speed at which existing digital health technologies can begin to have a meaningful impact on health outcomes.

1 Definition of HealthXL Moonshot: an ambitious endeavor where it is clear WHAT the desired outcome in healthcare is, but not clear HOW it will be achieved. The HealthXL Moonshot on Connected Health is “To Be Able to Monitor the Health of Every Patient from Birth to Death: Anytime, in Any Location”, while the one on Behavior Change is “To Have Millions of Hearts Beating Younger, Stronger and Longer through Increased Patient Engagement.”