24 Oct

HealthBeacon attends Johnson & Johnson, JLABS CEO Summit

HealthBeacon are delighted to attend the 2nd annual JLABs CEO Summit in sunny La Jolla, San Diego. 

The event has gathered partners of Johnson & Johnson’s, JLABs group for two days of networking and information exchange as well as talks and panel discussions with industry leaders. 

HealthBeacon has been part of the global JLABs network after being chosen as the winner of the Johnson & Johnson Innovation, JLABS and Janssen Supply Chain Group, LLC (JSC) Patient Adherence QuickFire Challenge earlier this year.

Since winning the QuickFire Challenge, HealthBeacon has achieved FDA clearance for it’s smart sharps bin and launched in an additional four markets including the U.S. so there is a lot to catch up on with old friends and new at the event. 

This coupled with the growth of our product portfolio and data analytics platform offers a clear point of intersection within the JLABs ecosystem.

Having completed day one of the event which was focussed on JPAL & Investor Partnering we are excited to partake in the CEO Summit main program which began tonight featuring talks from J&J executives, JLABS CEOs, investors and industry leaders, and continues on Wednesday 24th.


22 Dec

HealthBeacon Smart Sharps System is approved by Israeli Ministry of Health and launched into the Israeli market

HealthBeacon were honoured to host Israeli Ambassador Zeev Boker, Deputy Ambassador Orli Weitzman and Commercial Representative Colin Sheena to our Dublin offices this week to mark the launch of HealthBeacon in Israel.

For Israeli patients that take injectable medications it is often a struggle to stay on their treatment schedule, now they can have access to our medical adherence tools and platform.

We are excited to launch in Israel with our first Patients going live this week. This is a key milestone in our development and along with our Partners we look forward to building on this success based on a shared approach to innovation in Patient support. Jim Joyce, CEO, HealthBeacon

Ambassador Zeev Boker & CTO Kieran Daly exchanging gifts.


09 Feb

HealthBeacon raises €1m in seed funding…

HealthBeacon raises €1m in seed funding to roll out medical adherence device internationally

HealthBeacon raises €1m in seed funding to roll out medical adherence device internationallyLondon, UK (February 9th, 2016)

Earlier today HealthBeacon, a digital health platform connecting devices and data for better health delivery, announced the completion of its €1m seed investment round to support the launch of its medical adherence device for patients on self injectable medications. The announcement came during an exclusive digital health care event at the Imperial College of London.

HealthBeacon, founded in 2014, by both Jim Joyce, serial healthcare entrepreneur, and Kieran Daly, former CEO of Shimmer, developed its first device – to help patients on self injectable medication adhere to their medical schedules.

Medical adherence, helping patients comply with treatment regimens is one of the largest problems facing healthcare systems. Evidence suggests that patients on average comply with their medicine schedules only 50-70% of the time. The pharmaceutical market for patients who self administer medicines by injections is estimated to be over €40b.

2016, will be a breakout year for the HealthBeacon platform, our first product for self injectable medications is being rolled out internationally to 1,000s of patients”, said Jim Joyce, co-founder HealthBeacon, at the digital health event in London.

Millions of patients worldwide treat devastating chronic diseases like Diabetes, Multiple Sclerosis, Arthritis, Gastro Conditions, and Heart Disease by self administering injections in their home. Unfortunately, many of these patients struggle to comply with their treatment.

The HealthBeacon team has designed a device that knows when a patient has taken their medication and critically if they have forgotten, or missed a dose. If they miss an injection, their HealthBeacon will send a simple reminder to their phone. The result is potentially a more compliant and healthier patient.

HealthBeacon is a significant advancement in the management of self injectable medications, we can now have confidence that a patient has taken their medication on time when in the home“, said Professor Douglas Veale, Consultant Rheumatologist, Adjunct Professor of Medicine, University College Dublin.

The company launched the device in Ireland in 2015 and has worked with Cleveland Clinic Innovation Centre to assess how the tool could be integrated into clinical care pathways globally.

HealthBeacon is putting a focus on the very important issue of improving medical adherence, while trying to improve overall patient/physican engagement and health delivery”, said Brian Kolonick, General Manager, Global Healthcare Innovation Alliance, Cleveland Clinic.

The funding from the seed round will be used to commercially roll out the tool across Europe. Investors in the seed round include the Irish government through Enterprise Ireland, and private medical and technology angel investors.

HealthBeacon’s digital platform exploits the increased trend in healthcare to connect devices and data for better health delivery. The internet of things (IoT) trend will drive fast adoption and scaling of the platform, especially as it supports lower cost health delivery in the community of patients who previously were only administered their treatment in hospital.

23 Apr

HealthXL, HealthBeacon, Cleveland Clinic Launch Research Collab…

HealthXL, HealthBeacon, and Cleveland Clinic Launch Research Collaboration to Revolutionize the Management of Self Injectable Medication at Home

Today HealthXL announced that two of its partners HealthBeacon and Cleveland Clinic are exploring opportunities to change the way patients manage self injectable medications in the home.

The HealthBeacon system helps patients manage self injectable medications in the home. The device is an elegant tool that engages patients who take self injectable medication and improves their compliance to therapy, while practically dealing with their medical waste. The HealthBeacon system is in the advanced prototype stage and is launching into European Markets in the second quarter of 2015. HealthBeacon’s objective with this 12 week project is to gain valuable clinical insights and initiate a working relationship with Cleveland Clinic and to help prepare the product for launch into the USA later in the year.

HealthBeacon was introduced to the HealthXL partners and advisors at the Cleveland Innovation Summit (October 2014). Their proposal aligned closely with the HealthXL Moonshots in the areas of Connected Health and Behaviour Change.

“We are thrilled to work with such a prestigious institution as Cleveland Clinic. This collaboration allows us to scale our operations globally very quickly and reach out to many more patients to help them manage their medications in the home. HealthXL has been the catalyser that invigorated the development of this exciting opportunity.” says Kieran Daly Co-Founder at HealthBeacon.

“New collaborations are needed to drive innovation in healthcare that can scale globally. And that’s our mission to catalyse collaboration between leading brands in healthcare and the most exciting tech companies to improve the lives of millions of people” said Martin Kelly, CEO and Co-Founder of HealthXL.

HealthXL and their group of partners are constantly exploring similar opportunities in healthcare to work with high growth companies, increasing the speed at which existing digital health technologies can begin to have a meaningful impact on health outcomes.

1 Definition of HealthXL Moonshot: an ambitious endeavor where it is clear WHAT the desired outcome in healthcare is, but not clear HOW it will be achieved. The HealthXL Moonshot on Connected Health is “To Be Able to Monitor the Health of Every Patient from Birth to Death: Anytime, in Any Location”, while the one on Behavior Change is “To Have Millions of Hearts Beating Younger, Stronger and Longer through Increased Patient Engagement.”

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