Today, with the COVID-19 crisis that we are currently facing, our routines are being disrupted and everyday activities are more difficult, and in some cases, unsafe.


During this time, it is critical that people with chronic conditions continue to take their medications as prescribed by their healthcare professionals,while maintaining social distancing and avoiding unnecessary exposures.


For this reason, the HealthBeacon Injection Care Management System is being expanded to offer additional services to further support individuals in their homes.

HealthBeacon Injection Care Management System – New COVID-19 Services

HealthBeacon eases the burden of managing your injectable medications from home. For the past years, our digitally connected system has been used by individuals around the globe.  With the COVID-19 crisis, we are now offering enhanced support from our Care Team including:

Smart Sharps Bin & System

Helps you stay on track with your medication with Personalised Smart Reminders

Coordination of Medication Delivery

Help to coordinate the collection of your prescription from the pharmacy

Enhanced Care Team Support

Our Care Team is available to assist you

Sustainable Sharps Disposal Management

Collect and replace your internal sharps bin when full

HealthBeacon’s COVID-19 Programme Now Reimbursed by Insurance Companies

We are working with the following organisations to offer the COVID-19 Response Programme. If you do not see your organisation listed below, please contact us at


Your Benefits with the HealthBeacon Injection Care Management System

Personalised smart reminders to keep you on track with your medication schedule.

Fewer visits to your pharmacy while we coordinate your medication collection.

Safely store your used injections in the HealthBeacon smart sharps bin.

In-home collection and replacement of your full sharps bin.

Support of our Expert Care Team during extended operating hours.

“We have seen great patient engagement with the HealthBeacon tool in Ireland. It has been instrumental in aiding us in identifying patients that need assistance and helping drive adherence to their medication.”

-Professor Trevor Duffy, Rheumatologist

Dr. Trevor Duffy, Rheumatologist

“HealthBeacon has changed the conversation with my doctor.  I am sure to take my medication on time and tell the doctor.”

-Wife & Mother, takes weekly injections

HealthBeacon User

“The HealthBeacon has had a profound impact on how patients manage their treatment. I know with confidence as to whether my patients are adhering to their treatment strategy.”

-Professor Douglas Veale, Rheumatologist


Dr. Douglas Veale, Rheumatologist

“Patients consistently tell us how much they appreciate the text message reminders, which helps them stay more adherent to their medication… the HealthBeacon empowers patients to take ownership of their medication.”

-Support Nurse

Emma, Support Nurse

“The HealthBeacon system and support has helped me to stay on track with my medication schedule. The great part about the program is that it doesn’t require me to do anything different. I just dispose of the injection in the smart sharps bin rather than the old bins.”

-Husband & Father, Takes bi-weekly Injections


Husband & Father, Takes bi-weekly Injections

Frequently Asked Questions

How Do I Get Started?

What size is the HealthBeacon?

How do I order a New Internal Sharps Bin?

Contact our Customer Care team at or your local service provider.

Where do I Dispose of the Internal Sharps Bin?

Please reach out to our Customer Care team at

How do I contact HealthBeacon's Customer Care Team?

For any questions or issues related to your HealthBeacon Smart Sharps System, contact Customer Care at

+353.1.450.8480 or at

Hours: Monday- Friday – 8am – 5pm GMT

For any questions regarding your health or medication please call your health care provider directly.

How Do I Return My HealthBeacon Smart Sharps Device?

How Do I Return My HealthBeacon Smart Sharps Device?

Contact Customer Care at

+353.1.450.8480 or at

Hours: Monday- Friday – 8am – 5pm GMT

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