Study demonstrates up to 26% increase in medication adherence with HealthBeacon ICMS technology

The HealthBeacon Injection Care Management System (ICMS) is shown to increase individuals’ adherence up to 26% across a range of chronic, autoimmune conditions.  The HealthBeacon ICMS supports adherence and persistence to medication schedules through the provision of technology informed reminders, safe and sustainable sharps disposal devices, educational tools, and artificial intelligence driven data analytics.

The peer reviewed study, an abstract of which was published in the International Journal of Clinical Pharmacy, demonstrates that patients utilizing the HealthBeacon ICMS experienced higher adherence to medication  than previous published reports.  The study incorporated electronically monitored injections via the HealthBeacon ICMS of 9,737 patients from 2015-2021 across a range of gastrological, dermatological and rheumatological indications. The adherence data from this patient cohort was compared to that of a similar cohort from the literature, without access to the adherence support platform.  Improvements in adherence were found across all therapeutic areas with use of the HealthBeacon ICMS, with significant improvements appreciated for those on rheumatological treatment, specifically. Study conclusions also noted that within the HealthBeacon population, adherence appears to increase significantly with age, which is consistent with other studies.  Unlike trends identified in the comparative studies reviewed, the HealthBeacon study found no significant difference in adherence based on gender which could indicate a mitigation factor provided by the intervention of the HealthBeacon ICMS. 

Dr. Sharifah Sarhan commented, “This latest published research by the International Journal of Clinical Pharmacy adds to the growing portfolio of evidence demonstrating HealthBeacon’s ability to have a tangible benefit on patient medication compliance. HealthBeacon’s innovative technology is not only seeking to reduce the burden of care on millions of patients that depend on injectable therapies but is proving its ability to do so through real-world data and peer reviewed evidence.”

The HealthBeacon ICMS represents a significant step in improving adherence for individuals who self-administer injections in their home for a range of chronic, autoimmune conditions. 

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Dr. Sharifah Sarhan, MB BAO, BCh is Medical Science Liaison for HealthBeacon. Dr. Sarhan facilitates clinical research and assists with Regulatory Affairs. Sharifah is a medical doctor, graduating from University College Dublin and has experience across several medical specialties. Sharifah is based in Dublin, Ireland.