Representing the highest level of evidence and quality assessment for healthcare interventions, Randomised Controlled Trials (RCTs) are the ‘gold standard’ of medical research.  The power of this evidence, however, is only as strong as its measure. The effects of poor medication adherence are well documented in both the trial and real-world setting, contributing to treatment failures and increased patient mortality, with resultant increases in hospitalisations and healthcare costs. Despite this, medication adherence is often an overlooked contributory factor to the data produced in clinical trials.

Novel, digital means of tracking medication adherence offer a solution to this potential trial pitfall, however their utilisation in trial design and execution is limited. As such, HealthBeacon has conducted a review of the literature surrounding this topic, to examine the importance of accurately measuring patient medication adherence in clinical trials and explore how digital tools such as HealthBeacon’s Injection Care Management System™ (ICMS) provide an innovative alternative to traditional measures.  

‘Drugs don’t work in patients who don’t take them’

– C. Everett Koop, M.D

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Dr. Sharifah Sarhan, MB BAO BCh has joined the HealthBeacon team as a Medical Science Liaison, to facilitate clinical research and assist with Regulatory Affairs. Sharifah is a medical doctor, graduating from University College Dublin and experience across several medical specialities as a junior doctor. Sharifah is based in HealthBeacon’s office in Dublin, Ireland.