BIBA Delegates Visit HealthBeacon in Dublin

HealthBeacon, a Dublin and Boston based medication adherence technology company that develops Smart Tools for Managing Medication welcomed the Boston Irish Business Association (BIBA) and its 2019 trade mission delegation to it’s Dublin headquarters on Monday, December 2nd.

The purpose of the trade mission is to look at the potential for transatlantic collaboration in order to strengthen links between businesses in Ireland and Boston. The trade mission was led by Laura Hamilton, who is the newly appointed CEO of HealthBeacon’s North American operations.

As President of the Boston Irish Business Association, it was my distinct pleasure to lead an impressive delegation on a Trade Mission across the island of Ireland visiting Belfast, Derry, Donegal, Dublin, Kildare and Cork. A highlight was visiting HealthBeacon HQ in Dublin. It’s been an incredible few weeks since joining the team as their new CEO of North America.” says Hamilton.

HealthBeacon members welcomed the Boston Irish Business Association (BIBA) and its 2019 trade mission delegation BIBA to their facility. HealthBeacon’s CEO, Jim Joyce guided delegates around the HQ touring the Data labs which has a dedicated Data Analyst team serving up valuable actionable insights and analysis, the production lab where the HealthBeacon units are assembled and configured and it’s enthusiastic customer service team which supports the HB offering to patients.

Having the BIBA delegation visit HealthBeacon in Dublin truly showcases the value of growing international business relationships, sustaining the effort, and then capitalizing on opportunities as a result of the endeavor.” Says Hamilton.

HealthBeacon’s technology has been adopted across 13 countries with over 300,000 injections tracked since its launch in 2014 and a patient acceptance rate of 80-90%. For patients that are treated on chronic injectable therapy for conditions that range from Multiple Sclerosis, Crohns Disease, Rheumatoid Arthritis, Asthma, to Severe Migraines many of them fail on therapy due to non-adherence. The data is clear that without support between 40-50% of patients will fail on therapy in the first year.

HealthBeacon’s Smart Sharps Technology has demonstrated a 25-30% increase within twelve months of initiating therapy.  The key to their success is the powerful simplicity of their technology and how it easily integrates into the patient’s routine and the prescribing clinician’s workflow.