Shining Light of Medtech Market – The Sunday Times

HealthBeacon featured in The Sunday Times, an article by Gavin Daly.

HealthBeacon boss Jim Joyce is helping to ease the pain for patients with his ‘smart’ syringe disposal bins

In an unassuming block off the old Naas Road in Dublin’s industrial heartland, Jim Joyce is giving a guided tour of HealthBeacon, his young medtech company. From outside, HealthBeacon HQ looks like any other building in the area; inside there is a 3D printer in the corner, artificial grass on the floor, and hundreds of the company’s hi-tech devices lie stacked for shipping.

The place is painted duck egg green, so the feeling is like being inside one of HealthBeacon’s “smart” syringe disposal bins, says Joyce, an energetic American who is 15 years in Ireland. He introduces his staff by name and gets them to explain their roles, from design to quality assurance, testing to data analysis.

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