Irish Times Features HealthBeacon

The Irish Times ran a feature article today for Innovation Award Finalist, HealthBeacon. HealthBeacon is a finalist in the Life Sciences and Healthcare Category. In an article written by Olive Keogh, HealthBeacon is recognised for innovation and for changing the face of medication adherence. Keogh writes “Apart from being smart, the HealthBeacon bin also looks smart. Normal sharps bins are brightly coloured clunky plastic containers plastered with warnings. Not exactly an aesthetic addition to any home. The HealthBeacon bin is neat and discreet and constantly displays the user’s adherence score to ensure ongoing patient involvement in their own care.” The article also discusses the steps that HealthBeacon founders Jim Joyce and Kieran Daly have taken to address patient needs on an industry level.

As a finalist in the Life Sciences and Healthcare Category, HealthBeacon is also eligible for the overall award of Innovation of the Year. The Irish Times Innovation Awards Showcase rewards excellence in innovation across a range of groundbreaking products and services. The HealthBeacon team will be present at the awards gala hosted by the Irish Times at the Royal Hospital Kilmainham in October.

Read the full article here. 

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