HealthBeacon featured at Vodafone event

This past week, HealthBeacon was honoured to participate in an event highlighting our role in emerging technologies and digital therapeutics, The Vodafone Digital Health IOT breakfast 2017.

At the Vodafone Digital Health IOT breakfast, HealthBeacon CEO Jim Joyce, was a featured presenter to discuss the importance of Digital Therapeutics in a growing IOT (Internet of Things) market. The event brought together a mix of pharmaceutical and digital health executives to showcase the impact connectivity can have on a wide range of industries. The relationship between HealthBeacon and Vodafone is simple. HealthBeacon has created a sharps disposal appliance which integrates Vodafone’s IoT services to let healthcare professionals know if a patient is taking their medication on time. Jim Joyce highlighted that it is this connectivity that drives the power behind the clinical insights that can be derived from the data collected by the HealthBeacon.

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