14 Aug

Pacifique Kavula

Production Technician Assistant

Pacifique is one of the newest additions to our team. Originally from the Democratic Republic of Congo, he relocated to Ireland in 2005. In 2016, he graduated with a Bachelor in electronic engineering from The Dublin Institute of Technology in Tallaght (ITT). Currently working as an assistant technician, Pacifique is a dedicated and hardworking employee whom over the years, has built his experience through various roles. He has developed a level of expertise in the technical engineering field, working for companies such as Real-Time Technology before making the shift to join our team.

During his free time, Pacifique loves to read autobiographies and self-help books. He loves spending time with friends, but also love traveling and discovering new places and people.

Favourite Quote; “Do something today that your future self will be thankful for” Unknown.


14 Aug

Ben McCabe

Management Associate

Ben joins HealthBeacon fresh off completing a Bachelors of Social Science from University College Dublin. Ben is half Irish half French but has lived nearly his entire life in Dublin. He joins the team to support systems and analysis development and works closely with each department in the company. Ben considers himself very adaptable and looks forward to gaining practical and invaluable industry knowledge.

In his personal life, Ben is a devoted Manchester United fan but enjoys watching most sports. He also enjoys reading, golf and has a passion for travelling and cherishes the time he spent backpacking in Asia.

Favourite Quote: “There’s a reason that God gave us two ears, two eyes and one mouth. It’s so you can listen and watch twice as much as you talk” Alex Ferguson 


19 Apr

Jomar Margraf

Another international player, originally from beautiful Londrina, Brazil, Jomar joined HealthBeacon in April 2017 as the IT Support Engineer. He joins HealthBeacon from Novartis and has a degree in Business Information Systems, Masters in Human Resource and is currently studying for a BSc Degree in Digital Technology and Design. With a varied work history Jomar has done everything from customer service in banking to financial to software development. He found his niche in health informatics and has worked projects in Ireland, the UK, and Australia for companies both big and small.

In his spare time, he loves to travel, learn new things, help others, dogs, coffee, and his electronics. He speaks three languages, has visited more than 40 countries, and suffers from perpetual wanderlust. Most of his time is spent working, studying, and volunteering at the Dogs Trust Ireland.

Favourite Quote:

“Travel is never a matter of money but of courage.”Paulo Coelho

07 Mar

Emilie Desbois Cural

Customer Care

Emilie relocated to Dublin from a sunny French Caribbean island called Guadeloupe where she grew up and achieved her degree in Science.  She has been in Ireland since 2008 and has seven years’ experience in customer care service within two multinational companies.

One of the newest members, she joined the HealthBeacon team in February 2017. Her role is one of the most important as the Customer Service Agent part of the Quality and Customer Care Division. She leads the team to assist our patients and healthcare professionals. Emilie is a vibrant addition to the HealthBeacon team. She is constantly high energy with a love of dancing, cooking Caribbean food for friends and the television show “King of Queens”.

Favourite quote:

“Life is better when you’re laughing…”  Anonymous.



07 Mar

Joyce Power

Quality Manager

Originally from Waterford but living in Dublin for all her working life Joyce joined HealthBeacon in May 2016. She began her career with a Health and Safety background working in AMANCH Hospital, but Joyce quickly moved into the fast-paced world of Quality. Now, with eight years in healthcare which began in the Medical Device manufacturing area where she was highly involved in various audits such as ISO 13485 and AS9100, she quickly had significant impact and leads the entire HealthBeacon quality team. Simultaneously, she is currently finishing her second Masters Degree, an MBA in Trinity College Dublin, as a part time student while being a full-time employee. While this doesn’t allow much free time but she loves to see the world when the opportunities arise.

Joyce is one of those rare people who loves going to the gym and has recently started getting into triathlons and is currently training for her second.

Favourite Quote:

“Better to have loved and lost than never to have loved at all”– Alfred Lord Tennyson

Joyce Power HealthBeacon

07 Mar

Tracy McGann

Finance Manager

Tracey joined HealthBeacon to bring a font of industry knowledge to help optimize our operations and teach the team financial responsibility. Tracey works for BLG Consultants and is a qualified CPA with over 20 years experience in various industries including pharmaceutical, telecoms, distribution, construction and hospitality Tracey came to HealthBeacon through BLG Financial Consultants.

A life-long Dubliner, Tracey loves to walk when the weather permits, read when she has the time and travel the world. Born fourth in a line of six kids, with over 50 cousins, Tracey calls herself a natural born mediator, ready to solve any of the problems that face us.

Favourite Quote:

“Surround yourself with great people and you will have a great life!”


07 Mar

Richard Shattock

Manager of Strategic Projects

Richard joined HealthBeacon in November 2015 as Manager of Strategic Projects after previously working for Enterprise Ireland’s Lifescience Investment team partnering and helping Irish enterprises grow, innovate and scale on global markets. Richard spent four years in the US as a Postdoctoral Fellow at Cornell University Weill Medical School doing cancer research after obtaining his PhD in Pharmacology from University College Dublin. Richard’s vital project work is what helps drive the HealthBeacon’s expansion in our overseas portfolio.

Born and raised in Ireland, Richard spends his time hanging out with his family. As a self-professed motor enthusiast, he enjoys fixing and building vintage cars and motorbikes and occasionally racing in motorsporting events.

Favourite Quote:

“It’s not the age, it’s the mileage”- Indiana Jones

Richard Shattock HealthBeacon


07 Mar

Dave Shanahan

President Partnerships at HealthBeacon

Dave leads our partnerships team building relationships with Pharma and patient support and healthcare providers. Having spent over 25 years working across Pharmaceuticals and Healthcare, Dave is passionate about using technology and Real World Evidence to advance healthcare quality and improve clinical outcomes

Dave previously worked providing clinical services to complex patients in community. Dave is convinced that patient care must move closer to home and better self-care in long term conditions such as diabetes and cardiovascular disease will markedly reduce costs and improve outcomes for patients with these clinical conditions.

For leisure Dave enjoys the countryside and time with family. He’s a social golfer and intends turning professional as soon as Ireland’s weather mirrors Florida.

Favourite Quote:

“Success consists of going from failure to failure without loss of enthusiasm”Winston Churchill

07 Mar

Sean Glynn

US Operations Manager

Sean joined HealthBeacon in December of 2016 as the U.S. Operations Manager. In addition to overseeing the launch of HealthBeacon’s new Boston location, Sean will be responsible for preparing the Boston office to meet the growing demand for HealthBeacon’s services.  Sean has experience working for global brands such as Fidelity Investments and Accenture, as well as for small start-up organizations.

Sean enjoys playing and coaching soccer and snowboarding with his wife and three children.

Favorite Quote:

“You don’t concentrate on the risks. You concentrate on the results.” Chuck Yeager


Sean Glynn - HealthBeacon

07 Mar

Brieanna Kelly

Strategic Marketing Director

Brie joined HealthBeacon’s Dublin team in 2016 after relocating from Phoenix, Arizona, USA. She comes in as the Strategic Marketing Director, with over 10 years in medical and technology fields, she brings valuable global marketing experience to our rapidly growing team. Formerly with the largest private employer in AZ, Banner Health in Phoenix, she joined our team to help create a brand and communication strategy to take HealthBeacon to the next level.

As an avid athlete, she spends her time playing soccer, practicing yoga, golfing and running with her three dogs. She loves reading, watching baseball, and attending concerts. She has a deep love of travel and is always planning her next adventure.

Favourite quote: If you are a dreamer, come in…Shel Silverstein


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