07 Mar

    Emilie Desbois Cural

    Customer Care

    Emilie relocated to Dublin from a sunny French Caribbean island called Guadeloupe where she grew up and achieved her degree in Science.  She has been in Ireland since 2008 and has seven years’ experience in customer care service within two multinational companies.

    One of the newest members, she joined the HealthBeacon team in February 2017. Her role is one of the most important as the Customer Service Agent part of the Quality and Customer Care Division. She leads the team to assist our patients and healthcare professionals. Emilie is a vibrant addition to the HealthBeacon team. She is constantly high energy with a love of dancing, cooking Caribbean food for friends and the television show “King of Queens”.

    Favourite quote:

    “Life is better when you’re laughing…”  Anonymous.



    07 Mar

    Joyce Power

    Quality Manager

    Originally from Waterford but living in Dublin for all her working life Joyce joined HealthBeacon in May 2016. She began her career with a Health and Safety background working in AMANCH Hospital, but Joyce quickly moved into the fast-paced world of Quality. Now, with eight years in healthcare which began in the Medical Device manufacturing area where she was highly involved in various audits such as ISO 13485 and AS9100, she quickly had significant impact and leads the entire HealthBeacon quality team. Simultaneously, she is currently finishing her second Masters Degree, an MBA in Trinity College Dublin, as a part time student while being a full-time employee. While this doesn’t allow much free time but she loves to see the world when the opportunities arise.

    Joyce is one of those rare people who loves going to the gym and has recently started getting into triathlons and is currently training for her second.

    Favourite Quote:

    “Better to have loved and lost than never to have loved at all”– Alfred Lord Tennyson

    Joyce Power HealthBeacon

    07 Mar

    Richard Shattock

    Manager of Strategic Projects

    Richard joined HealthBeacon in November 2015 as Manager of Strategic Projects after previously working for Enterprise Ireland’s Lifescience Investment team partnering and helping Irish enterprises grow, innovate and scale on global markets. Richard spent four years in the US as a Postdoctoral Fellow at Cornell University Weill Medical School doing cancer research after obtaining his PhD in Pharmacology from University College Dublin. Richard’s vital project work is what helps drive the HealthBeacon’s expansion in our overseas portfolio.

    Born and raised in Ireland, Richard spends his time hanging out with his family. As a self-professed motor enthusiast, he enjoys fixing and building vintage cars and motorbikes and occasionally racing in motorsporting events.

    Favourite Quote:

    “It’s not the age, it’s the mileage”- Indiana Jones

    Richard Shattock HealthBeacon


    07 Mar

    Dave Shanahan

    President Partnerships at HealthBeacon

    Dave leads our partnerships team building relationships with Pharma and patient support and healthcare providers. Having spent over 25 years working across Pharmaceuticals and Healthcare, Dave is passionate about using technology and Real World Evidence to advance healthcare quality and improve clinical outcomes

    Dave previously worked providing clinical services to complex patients in community. Dave is convinced that patient care must move closer to home and better self-care in long term conditions such as diabetes and cardiovascular disease will markedly reduce costs and improve outcomes for patients with these clinical conditions.

    For leisure Dave enjoys the countryside and time with family. He’s a social golfer and intends turning professional as soon as Ireland’s weather mirrors Florida.

    Favourite Quote:

    “Success consists of going from failure to failure without loss of enthusiasm”Winston Churchill

    07 Mar

    Brieanna Kelly

    Strategic Marketing Director

    Brie joined HealthBeacon’s Dublin team in 2016 after relocating from Phoenix, Arizona, USA. She comes in as the Strategic Marketing Director, with over 10 years in medical and technology fields, she brings valuable global marketing experience to our rapidly growing team. Formerly with the largest private employer in AZ, Banner Health in Phoenix, she joined our team to help create a brand and communication strategy to take HealthBeacon to the next level.

    As an avid athlete, she spends her time playing soccer, practicing yoga, golfing and running with her three dogs. She loves reading, watching baseball, and attending concerts. She has a deep love of travel and is always planning her next adventure.

    Favourite quote: If you are a dreamer, come in…Shel Silverstein


    07 Mar

    Laura Homan

    Executive Assistant

    Laura joined HealthBeacon in their incubation period, as their first employee back in 2014. Laura has over 10 years PA experience within a number of different industries, including Legal and Pharma. She spent her recent years before joining HB at Pfizer pharmaceuticals as EA to the Medical and Specialty Director’s, during which time she expanded her studies in Event and Project Management. Laura’s role has evolved during her years at HB which has allowed her the opportunity to work across a number of different areas of the business.

    Laura is very passionate about her voluntary work, and works as a teacher in the south of Dublin during her days off. She loves travelling, meeting new people and exploring new cultures. She has a great love of art, and enjoys playing tennis…. and exploring new whiskeys, interesting combo.

    Favourite quote:

    “I want to spend the rest of my life everywhere, with everyone, one to one, always, forever, now.” Damien Hirst

    Laura Homan HealthBeacon

    07 Mar

    Kieran Daly

    CTO & Co-Founder

    As CTO & Co-founder Kieran has one of the most varied roles, with a primary focus on leading the technology strategy and development tracks from hardware through to the cloud. As a fast growing organisation Kieran enjoys being involved in various other strands of the business from spending time with clients and end users through to Finance and Organisational processes. Kieran has 20 years experience in the technology arena with a particular focus on the intersection of technology and healthcare, where in a past life he built and led the team at wearable sensor company Shimmer, successfully commercialising technology licensed from Intel and served clients in over 60 countries.
    In addition to his busy work life, Kieran serves as the Chairman of BioBusiness, an industry association that promotes the Life Science and Health Technology Sector across the island of Ireland and as a member of the Science Gallery Dublin Leonardo group. This is a group of up to 50 Irish and international leaders from business, science, arts, design and media who provide input into Science Gallery’s programme.

    In his valuable spare time, he loves spending it with his active family, as well as running, experiencing the outdoors and working on his vinyl collection.

    Favourite Quote:

    “The unseen is all around us.” David Lynch

    Kieran Daly HealthBeacon

    07 Mar

    Colm Gildea

    Commercial Country Manager, Ireland

    Colm is another of the earliest team members to join HealthBeacon after 25 years in the pharmaceutical industry in Ireland. Having previously worked for several Irish based generics companies, Colm became involved with HealthBeacon since the launch of the initial pharmacy pilot phase. In his current role, Colm works closely with support providers to ensure deployment of HealthBeacon units directly to patients around Ireland. He is also developing the commercial rollout of HealthBeacon throughout community pharmacy nationwide and identifying opportunities for showcasing HealthBeacon to relevant stakeholders in the Irish market.

    Residing in Kinnegad, Co. Westmeath (a town in the Midlands, approximately 60km from Dublin) Colm enjoys long country walks with wife Deirdre, son Ciaran and dog Cassie. He loves the outdoors and is a big sports fan, and particularly enjoy all codes of football – Gaelic, Rugby, Soccer and American Football. He loves all types of music, playing guitar and looks forward to his annual holiday in the Spanish sunshine!

    Favourite Quote:

    “Sometimes you win, and sometimes you learn.” John C. Maxwell


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