07 Mar

    Tracy McGann

    Finance Manager

    Tracey joined HealthBeacon to bring a font of industry knowledge to help optimize our operations and teach the team financial responsibility. Tracey works for BLG Consultants and is a qualified CPA with over 20 years experience in various industries including pharmaceutical, telecoms, distribution, construction and hospitality Tracey came to HealthBeacon through BLG Financial Consultants.

    A life-long Dubliner, Tracey loves to walk when the weather permits, read when she has the time and travel the world. Born fourth in a line of six kids, with over 50 cousins, Tracey calls herself a natural born mediator, ready to solve any of the problems that face us.

    Favourite Quote:

    “Surround yourself with great people and you will have a great life!”


    07 Mar

    Dave Shanahan

    President Partnerships at HealthBeacon

    Dave leads our partnerships team building relationships with Pharma and patient support and healthcare providers. Having spent over 25 years working across Pharmaceuticals and Healthcare, Dave is passionate about using technology and Real World Evidence to advance healthcare quality and improve clinical outcomes

    Dave previously worked providing clinical services to complex patients in community. Dave is convinced that patient care must move closer to home and better self-care in long term conditions such as diabetes and cardiovascular disease will markedly reduce costs and improve outcomes for patients with these clinical conditions.

    For leisure Dave enjoys the countryside and time with family. He’s a social golfer and intends turning professional as soon as Ireland’s weather mirrors Florida.

    Favourite Quote:

    “Success consists of going from failure to failure without loss of enthusiasm”Winston Churchill

    07 Mar

    Sean Glynn

    US Operations Manager

    Sean joined HealthBeacon in December of 2016 as the U.S. Operations Manager. In addition to overseeing the launch of HealthBeacon’s new Boston location, Sean will be responsible for preparing the Boston office to meet the growing demand for HealthBeacon’s services.  Sean has experience working for global brands such as Fidelity Investments and Accenture, as well as for small start-up organizations.

    Sean enjoys playing and coaching soccer and snowboarding with his wife and three children.

    Favorite Quote:

    “You don’t concentrate on the risks. You concentrate on the results.” Chuck Yeager


    Sean Glynn - HealthBeacon

    07 Mar

    Kyle Bolton

    Design Director

    As the design director, Kyle creates products and software that make healthcare more connected to improve patient outcomes by helping healthcare providers and life science companies make more informed data driven decisions. As a native Canadian, Kyle spent a few years in Dublin where he founded Ultrasound Dimensions before relocating to Montreal to help establish HealthBeacon’s first North American office.

    For fun, Kyle enjoys sailing, sipping cortados, listening to deep house or chill beats, traveling to tropical islands, watching documentaries, photography, reading biographies and going to the gym, in that order.

    Favourite Quote:

    Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication.”  Leonardo da Vinci

    Kyle Bolton-HealthBeacon

    07 Mar

    Dominick Hoey

    Quality Technician

    Dominick is one of the oldest band members of HB, joining the team in May 2015, playing the Quality drum, ensuring product integrity and functionality. His background is 18 years in engineering, training and quality in the electronics industry. He has worked for various tech companies, most recent being Curtiss Wright Avionics before joining Healthbeacon.

    He’s clocking up the miles every day as a thorough Meath man, who is fortunate enough to live by the sea, in Laytown with partner Roxana and son David who was born June 2016. A car fanatic with a soft spot for classics, like his treasured Ford Capri ’71 and numerous Volvos, you could easily recognise a petrol head. He’s taken this to another level by also working as a driving instructor on the side. Loves to walk on the local beach, spend time with his son, and tinker with car engines in his spare time.

    Favourite quote:

    “The power for creating a better future is contained in the present moment: You create a good future by creating a good present”Eckhart Tolle

    Dominique Hoey HealthBeacon

    07 Mar

    Paul Ryan

    Head of Operational Effectiveness

    After 20 years in the Healthcare sector having previously worked in UDG PlC and Uniphar Group in Senior executive roles Paul joined HealthBeacon in 2016. Paul brought his extensive experience to support the leadership team in delivery of strategic objectives for the business and the Commercial team in the achievement of their Sales Targets. Paul was heavily involved in our business planning and 2016 Fund-Raising.  As a true Limerick man, Paul is a self-declared avid Munster Rugby fanatic. In his free time, Paul is always moving forward and says crossing the finish line of a race is one of his favourite things. He also enjoys training academy kids in Kill FC and Kill GAA.

    Favourite Quote:

    “Enjoy the Moment”

    Paul Ryan HealthBeacon

    07 Mar

    Jim Joyce

    CEO at HealthBeacon

    Jim Joyce, CEO and Co-founder: Serial HealthCare and Technology Entrepreneur, previously founded award winning Dublin based healthcare company, Point of Care Health Services. Director of HealthXL, a global platform for digital health collaboration. Prior roles include General Manager Schering Plough Pharmaceuticals Ireland (now Merck). Over 10 Years in the pharmaceutical Industry in varied roles at Schering Plough including Director of USA Finance Division and Director of Europe/Mid East/Canada.


    Pharmaceutical Marketing, International Finance, Business Development, and General Management. Began career in the investment industry, Healthcare, Hospital

    Favorite Quote:

    “…the work of a critic is easy…risk very little, yet enjoy a position over those who offer up their work and their selves to our judgment….But there are times when a critic truly risks something, and that is in the discovery and defense of the *new*. The world is often unkind to new creations. The new needs friends.”
    Anton Ego (Ratatouille 2007) 

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